Tugawe Cove, Caramoan Peninsula, Camarines Sur

For my 2014 year end post, I thought I'd share the best resort we recommend you should visit for the year (and years) ahead. This is not a place for loners, but romantically designed for lovers...and friends. A big shout-out to Coco for hooking us up in heaven! Love you :)
This is for the semi-adventurous, beach lovin', walks on the beach, sunrise, sunset, romantic breakfast/lunch/dinner type of people. If you find yourself saying yes to all I just mentioned, then go ahead and scroll down... get jealous! haha kidding :)
The reception area is open space warmly welcoming all guests of the resort.
We were entertained by the staff as we set foot on the island. We even had our own butler, who was very helpful, kind and thoughtful the whole time we spent our time here.
Some fresh juice and friend banana anyone? :)

 After our welcome treats, we headed to our cabana and instantly fell in love with it! We knew right then that we will surely enjoy two kick-ass days here!
Even the interiors are nice oh joy!
When we were all freshened up, we changed into our summer outfits and headed out for lunch. As you can see, the sun shines with all its glory. I'm glad that everyone of us love the sun and cared less of losing that "mestiza" look. I get frustrated when someone I'm with in the trip gets too concious with how they'd look after the trip instead of enjoying the company and scenery.
See that up there, that is where we'll be having lunch. The only restaurant of the resort overlooking the best scenes of the area. It is the only place where you can also catch "some" wifi. Catch it if you can :)
Getting near, just a few more steps. It's a good thing that it is a lovely sight everywhere we looked, we forget how hot it is. Oh summer :)
Alas, we reached the resto. You can see only a few villas from where we stand, the others are hidden beneath lush greenery.
Time for lunch! We didn't have to wait that long as we pre-ordered when we were relishing our welcome treats. The food is sumptuous. For price reference, these are comparable to those served at local grill houses (Gerry's Grill for example). Sorry I didn't get a copy of the menu, but you may alot P50 to P150 difference per meal to have an idea.
The obligatory pre-lunch shot. It never gets old!
Here's a closer look at the sumptous treats. I guess it's obvious that we all like veggies and seafood.
After lunch, we took a little time to relax. This is half of the restaurant of Tugawe, overlooking the southern part of the resort.
Looking to the east, eternal bliss!Now time for some selfies :p
Ready to head out..Oh lala more sun!
For our first adventure, we chose to go island hopping. The boats are set as each set of guests are granted with their personal boats. That's our assigned butler right there, his name is Gerald/Jerome if I remember correctly. He's with us all the time unless we ask to be alone.
These views are abundant here in Caramoan. Just be sure to bring scarves, shades or something to cover you up if you don't want heavy sunburns at the end of the day.
Me thinking how blessed Filipinos are with beaches and nature's works. I'll never get tired reminding everyone that. There's still so much more to see in the Philippines.
We saw some people wakeboarding on our way to Matukad island. 
The first island we embarked on is Matukad Island. You'd think it's just an ordinary island at first sight. But wait until you discover the beauty of its enchanted lagoon. 
Read more about Matukad Island here
Another breathtaking island we graced upon is known as one of the locations for "Survivor" reality show. With its white sands and captivating scenery, it will surely give you infinite bliss.
Read more about Lahos Island here.
We could have visited more, but we were more eager to experience the sunset back at the lighthouse at our resort. I think it's about 40 minutes to more than an hour to get back.
No time wasted. Sunset wait for us!!
We rushed to the top of the island to witness a beautiful sunset. From the bottom of the resort, it takes about 15-25 minutes hike, oh golly legs
All worth it! Here it is. Sorry this is the best shot I can give you, as you all know, I'm not a fan of SLRs. I haven't pushed myself into mastering a trick or two, and I don't like bringing heavy equipment when I'm set to enjoy my trips. I'm using a sony wifi cam this trip.
After and exhausting afternoon, it is now time to enjoy dinner. More seafood on our table, thank you Lord for the bountiful blessings. 
Another obligatory shot for dinner :p
There's also a place for indoor sports enthusiasts. Here you can play billiards, foosball and chess - all for free!
You can also watch your favorite game here. Beers are not free of course!
Sit back, relax, enjoy! :)
You can also order in if you want to continue the fun in your room. Beer, wine, food and friends are always best!
After our much deserved good night's sleep, a great morning is sure to fire ahead. The weather was insanely perfect here as I left Pampanga drizzling all over. 
This! No caption needed!
These are the couple rooms at the bottom part of the resort. You'll pass by them from the reception going to the restaurant.
Girls girls girls! This will be a great morning!
Ready for more fun! oh yes!! This is us enjoying the morning summer sun :)
I got it from my momma! haha 
No photoshop here, those are real :)
Last! haha
We swam for a while...then go hungry so we went back up for some breakfast. They do prepare yummy food here, no doubt. I was hesitant at first but then I got to taste their offerings, now I'm a believer! hahaha 
Mornings like this are priceless! :)
Poor Rod, he was our designated photographer, thanks Rod :)
Other things to do in Tugawe, which are free:
Kayaking - check
Snorkeling - done that
Coral planting - these are best done on calm water
This is what happens when your buddies are proud of their bodies, we always do this, forgive us. Peace!
I was singing "I love, I love, I love my calendar girls" the whole time we were taking those shots. I dunno, it couldn't get it off my mind. Maybe 'cause I got that calendar girl vibe haha!
Yes you can do this too! Coco's really creative with our sets. It was fun playing around with them. 
It takes time, effort and burnt skin to enjoy this private island resort. But in the end it's all worth it. Thank you Tugawe for the best accommodation and staff! We'd love to come back :)
from left: yours truly, Gerald/Jerom, Ophel and Coco

Additional info re:How to get to Tugawe Cove from Manila via Legazpi airport.
- Via plane from Manila - landing to Legazpi airport.
- Ride a tricycle/hire a van to the terminal
- Ride a UV to Tobacco Port, Bicol - 
- from the port, ride a ferry bound to Catanduanes
- Once in Catanduanes, head on Codon Port and from there, Tugawe boats will be waiting for you
* Be sure that you've booked a room and checked in/confirmed with the resort prior to going though all this or else you'll be going home or plan another trip in Bicol.

For more info about Tugawe, check out
'Till the next trip! Can't wait for next year's travels!
Happy New Year everyone :)


  1. Hi. How many days you stayed in Tugawe? thank you. :)

  2. Lovely! How much is it per night?

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