Matukad Island, Caramoan

Caramoan, one of the must-see destinations in the Philippines. Thing about it is it's not just one destination, but a collection of beautiful islands to make up the whole of peninsula of Caramoan. Today my friends, I'm going to expose one of its many precious islands: The Enchanted Matukad Island.

Anytime now...Finally! After 30-something minutes of travelling from the resort, we finally reached yet another island.
Climbing ashore, we relaxed for a while with some fresh coconut from an in-island vendor who sells refreshments during the day. We were not the only island hoppers that day and thankfully we could still count them with our fingers. Privacy well appreciated. 

We got creative with our coconuts and to the many people asking where my former profile photo facebook was taken, well now you know :) 
By the time we're all ready, our guides let us in on a surprise we never imagined! We climbed the steep rocks straight ahead and found ourselves in wonderland!

The secret of the island: An enchanted giant Milkfish (locally called Bangus). There used to be two of them but from what we're told, a local fisherman took one of the overgrown fish home and by the time he hit shore, he learnt thaybone of his children died. He and his whole family perished as they ate the fish.

Whala! A secret lagoon! This is a little piece of heaven right here, though it was a bit hard to climb with the outfits we were wearing.

It was an adventure climbing up and down there. We obtained little scratches but it was all worth it seeing the enchanted fish.
One part of another destination, what a wonderful experience yet again. I can do this all over again :)
Join me again on another adventure yes? ;)


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