Tugawe Cove, Caramoan Peninsula, Camarines Sur

For my 2014 year end post, I thought I'd share the best resort we recommend you should visit for the year (and years) ahead. This is not a place for loners, but romantically designed for lovers...and friends. A big shout-out to Coco for hooking us up in heaven! Love you :)
This is for the semi-adventurous, beach lovin', walks on the beach, sunrise, sunset, romantic breakfast/lunch/dinner type of people. If you find yourself saying yes to all I just mentioned, then go ahead and scroll down... get jealous! haha kidding :)

Cagsawa Ruins and Patio De Cagsawa, Daraga, Albay

Once a glorious church peacefully overlooking the beautiful Mayon Volcano was a Franciscan church built in 1724, now widely known as Cagsawa Ruins.

Lahos Island, A Bright, Sunny Day in Caramoan

After our enchanting trip to Matukad Island, our next target was the infamous Lahos Island, which was where the international reality show "Survivor" was held at some parts of the show.

From afar, you can see a low, horizontal arrangement of islands. I was wondering how it would look 'cause I have this expectation in mind since it's been chosen as one of the locations for the well known show.

Matukad Island, Caramoan

Caramoan, one of the must-see destinations in the Philippines. Thing about it is it's not just one destination, but a collection of beautiful islands to make up the whole of peninsula of Caramoan. Today my friends, I'm going to expose one of its many precious islands: The Enchanted Matukad Island.

All You Need To Know About Trekking Mount Pinatubo

For the first time in my 20+++ years of existence, I and my friends finally dared to sweep the infamous "Pinatubo Trek" off our bucket lists. I believe we discussed it months before we finally decided to get through with it December last year, 2013 on the 7th to be specific.

Tarsier Encounters in Bohol

Our very first encounter with an animal whose eyes are as large as its brain. Philippines, specifically Bohol is one of the very few destinations in Southeast Asia to be blessed with the presence of Tarsiers. 

Barcelona Church and the Ruins of Presidencia Building, Sorsogon

Barcelona Church. As the Spaniards found its panoramic view of the coastal area similar to their hometown, they named the place Barcelona as in Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. It took us about 10-15 minutes travel time from Gubat beach to Barcelona Church.

Exploring Sorsogon

I never actually knew a place called Gubat my whole life, 'found it funny the first time. To pronounce correctly the word Gubat here, you'd have to stress it with the second syllable "Gu-Bat". It is part of Sorsogon, Bicolandia found in the South-eastern part of Luzon along the coast of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Dambana ng Kagitingan (Mount Samat Shrine), Pilar, Bataan

I didn't quite know how to go about with this post at first. My thoughts when I was taking photos: appreciate art, nature, the good weather, most especially the moment and stepping my foot on an icon of history where I became more proud being a Filipino. And so it came to me, history as it is, shall be shared to repeatedly pay respect and be proud of the heroes that sacrificed their lives in order to free us from Imperial Japanese invasion in the 1945 Battle of Bataan.

Guys, I'm eternally proud to present to you our Shrine of Valor, more commonly known as "Dambana ng Kagitingan" or could also be referred to as "Mount Samat Shrine" to locals.

Catching Paguriran Island Lagoon & Beach Resort on a Low Tide

It's just one of those happy days! Originally, we had a different itinerary planned for this day, but someone on my IG liked a photo I posted in Barcelona, Sorsogon, I checked out his page and saw a beautiful photo of this lagoon with hashtag #Sorsogon. Hence, I asked ate Ophel if Paguriran Island was far away, she happily told us that it is one of her favorite spots to visit in her province. Coco did like the photo too! And so, I guess y'all know what happened next!

Trek to Ditumabo aka Mother Falls, San Luis, Aurora

You can't get all the right shots the first time. That's why this post is a combination of two trips, 15 of some of my friends, 6 camera's and about 4 hours trek combined.

The Trek - equally important as the destination, especially when shared with friends, whom you've shared childhood with.

Baler Lighthouse & Dicasalarin Cove, Baler, Aurora

I don't think I'll ever get tired wandering and searching for the best destinations in the Philippines. But I do get tired being told by peers to go travel overseas already and see the rest of the world, I'd just smile. Not that I don't want to, (and although the expenses may relatively be the same) they just don't understand my lifelong love affair with the beauty of my country, it's culture and traditions. To make it short, I love the Philippines! :D

This summer, my friends and I chose to visit Baler. And I, being a travel freak, researched on a short amount of time to plan a packed itinerary. It didn't go as planned though (blame it on the weather). Anyways, this entry is about the cream of the crop of our trip - Dicasalarin Cove and Baler Light House.

Alviera Sandbox, Porac, Pampanga

Hello again SUMMER 2014! Another set of activities under the heat of the sun, surely an adventure I'd love to redo over and over again. 

Experience 70% of our physical and mental will demonstrated by yours truly and my courageous co-field architect and engineers! Wooh! clap clap! haha
Us and coach Marlon! lols

Banahaw Heals Spa Angeles City

How can you convince a non-spa fan to come back and have a relaxing day again? Simple, invite them for a trial and let them experience your best signature massage!

Digisit Beach, Baler

The cool Digisit Beach of Baler! Day two of our Baler trip, 2014. An exciting morning for ze vacacionistas.

Historic Camalig Restaurant, Angeles City

This year's valentines was a wee bit cold but memorable nonetheless. I believe I spent more than two valentine dates here during high school, college and now as a working professional. A place I'm fond of visiting over and over again 'cause of it's laid back and historical atmosphere. "Historic Camalig Restaurant" It speaks for itself.

That Fun and Colorful Afternoon at Butterfly Sanctuary, Bohol

Another stop over for our day tour. The feeling of being welcomed by a colorful garden with actual real live butterflies was awesome. I've been to a number of butterfly sanctuaries but had no luck in experiencing butterflies happily flying around me which count more than all my fingers combined. At least this one was well taken care of.

Eat 'till You Drop at Vikings

What more can one say when full? Buurp!! Hmmm, technically not a word but pretty much says it all. That was us after more than an hour of leisure eating just two days after Valentines day. Oh what a happy day ^_^  

It was a lovely sight to see hearts floating around here and there. They gave warmth in the cold, spacious restaurant. 

Amidst Crowded Streets

This post should sound more dramatic if it were written by a journalist or a column writer. But it's just me, so I'm gonna keep it light.

This time, I'll be featuring shots taken by the Photographers who shared their time and talent on Chinese New Year (January 31, 2014) in Binondo, Manila.

Look not into the babble of words, let the photos speak for themselves. 

A fun and boring thing being with a photographer, or in this case, a few of them is that they're physically there but you won't actually get to have an actual conversation with them cause when the chaos starts cracking, they'll be clicking and snapping their time away.

Chinese New Year in Binondo

Still a Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! I'd like to share this moment while it's still fresh. I really had a blast on Chinese New Year, spending 9 full hours in Binondo's famous streets, worship temples/churches, shops and food spots. It was my first time to experience "Chinese Style" new year in this place. It was quite a sight at every corner.
I've only seen these in movies and photos my whole life, now I got to see them live with my own two eyes with firecrackers here and there.

Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings, City Golf Plaza, Ortigas

That restaurant you randomly tried out once as it recently opened and you've always revisited since then whenever you're near the area, stressed out need a cold beer, need to chill or simply a lazy night in the city. That restaurant which satisfies the flavors your tongue longs to rekindle. That exact amount of relaxed vibe that never fails to soothe your senses but still good enough to keep your mind going. Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings! Those buffalo wings served in different variety of flavors!

Fun Couple Moments at Shiphaus, Bohol

Fresh from the Chocolate Hills, we now pay one of Bohol's uniquely themed house, Shiphaus. It's been added to travel itineraries of tour packages in the island and have also been featured in local and nationwide TV shows before.It also accepts lodging for tourists at very competitive prices.

Shiphaus from accross the street
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