Sunrise Buckets, Rockwell

I came across this place during one of my researches as I was listing down choices for my weekly "places to dine-in come Friday in Manila". There were a lot of good restaurants near Ortigas Center to begin with, but one stood out amongst the rest. It was Sunrise Buckets at The Grove by Rockwell, Libis (across Tiendesitas). As its motto proudly boasts "Summer.Beach.Surf" This is the perfect place where you can relive your summer all year round.

You'll never find a dull space here at Sunrise Buckets. It's simply an atmosphere of clean, fun and cool summer vibe!
The lighting and the set-up/detail of the place is sure to blow you away. Perfect for couples hang out, or spending a night out with family or friends to catch up while food tripping and drinking in a relaxed and quiet ambiance.

IloIlo Weekend II: Authentic Ilonggo Flavors

I was supposed to spend just a night and a day in Iloilo, turns out, fate gave me two nights and a day to relish in this beautiful City. This is because we were late for our morning flight to Boracay, we had to rebook the day itself 'cause we're already a day late from seeing our dorm mates who were scheduled to leave a day before us. Good thing my friend, Apple lives in Iloilo so we could bunk at her place for the night and leave early to see the sun rise at the beautiful island of Boracay.

 While waiting for our plane.

 Hello Iloilo! :) The plane landed right before the sun sets.

At the heart of New Town in Iloilo, where the tummies desires are fulfilled.

IloIlo Weekend I: Architecture of Iloilo

Nuestra Senora de La Candelaria, one of Iloilo's best preserved Icons. It has been the center of faith of the province for centuries. I must say, I really enjoyed my tour around this Gothic inspired church, and I am truly honored and blessed to be here, at this day, travelling.

Nuestra Senora de La Candelaria

A friend said this photo shouts "It's more fun in the Philippines"

Boracay, Philippines III: A Beautiful Day in Boracay

Finally, my third and last post to my Boracay series for 2012. The first two posts Boracay Philippines I and Boracay, Philippines II: A Night In Boracay were both equally fun. This time, get to feel the perfect sunny Boracay vibe :)

The room that the girls pick out was our lounge for 3 days and 2 nights. Just look out the window and witness the beauty of Boracay shores, look down at the surroundings and it's the life of Bora right before your eyes - people trading and doing activities along the sandy walkways. I came in a day late though (long story)..sigh Nevertheless, I would not let it ruin my trip though I'll remember it forever haha!

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