A Little Binondo Food Trip

In my search for food trip destinations in Manila, I came across the words "Binondo Food Wok" in one of my readings. It was mentioned twice more on other blogs I read that time so I thought, why not give it a try? Seems worth the visit too! And so I did! 'even dragged along my foodie love, Ian with me to satisfy our Binondo craving (I actually endorsed it to him) :p

Before I go back home on one Saturday of July, we drove from Ortigas to Binondo. It was about 40 minutes of wandering around a quiet Saturday afternoon in Manila. It was very comforting and - because there was no traffic :)

As you enter Chinatown, you'll see this arch. It says "Arko ng Pagkakaibigang Pilipino-Tsino" translated as "Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch". We left the car nearby because we decided to do our tour on foot.

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