Monasterio De Talac (Tarlac Monastery)

Many of us Filipinos, being a Catholic country, go on religious trips each year. A huge percentage of them do it more than twice a year, and some do it on a more frequent basis. Being close to our God lifts up our spirits, enlightens us and our light when our darkest hours come.

In Central Luzon, Monasterio De Tarlac is a famous destination for people on Pilgrimage or just simply to reconnect with God in a deeper sense each time they visit our Lord God's shrines. It is perfectly situated at the peak of a mountain in San Jose, Tarlac.

Why is it this shrine special? Only that it holds a relic of the holy cross and know the fact that it is the only one in Asia to house such a divine gift.

Fontana Water Theme Park, Clark, Pampanga

From Wave Pool, Lazy River, Pirate Ship to Hot Spring and Lagoon Pool - Fontana Water Park is one of the best rated Water Parks in the Philippines located in Clark, Angeles City, Pampanga. Just an hour and a half away from Manila, it is one easy day trip destination for all travelers.

Enjoy the experience with family and friends! Once again, I'll let the photos do the talking for me :)

Luciano Ancestral House (Pa-Siyam House)

Have you ever stepped into a really old, scary house? I know I did! It was interesting and creepy at the same time. I felt I was walking through history as the rich details say a lot about the house itself. Still, there were untold stories about the place I never bothered to ask.

Our group held a fun shoot at a friend's ancestral house in Magalang, Pampanga. It has hosted some Filipino Scary Movies in the past. One of them is Pa-Siyam, starred by Roderick Paulate, Aubrey Miles, Cherry Pie Picache and a few other famous Pinoy actors.

Paradise Ranch, Clark Air Base

Being a local of Angeles City, Pampanga, it's natural that I visit attractions and other possible tourist destinations in my beloved city, simply because I love to travel, being close to nature, a proud Angeleno and, like everyone else, need regular stress-relievers: mine are travelling and my beading

Angeles City is two hours away from Manila, capital of the Philippines. This next visit is a lazy-day retreat with cousins and friends. Paradise Ranch is another 30 minutes drive from Clark main gate, bounded by Barangay Bamban, Tarlac with temperature comparable to Tagaytay. It serves a perfect place for camping, field trips, retreats, garden weddings, conference meetings etc., you decide :)
Flawlessly gracing a photo-up with me :)
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