Fun Baler Itinerary: Jampacked 2D1N Stay!

Let the surfing frenzy begin! It's true what they say, you can't brag that you've been to Baler unless you've danced with the waves! If you don't already know, the best time to surf is before or after every storm when the winds and current are strong.
A lot of people have been asking me quick tips of making a Baler itinerary. So here I am, trying my best to settle the queries in the most non complicated I know.

To make it easier for everyone, let's sum it up into a jampacked 2D1N stay with the following activities and food spots complete with ETAs and ETDs. You can always choose which attractions you'd like to visit and make your own DIY Baler Trip.

Day 1: Adventure, History & Culture

1. Millenium Tree 
ETA - 8:00am - ETD - 8:45am
I suggest you drop by the famous Balete tree first before heading on to the town proper. It proudly holds the title of being the largest Banyan Tree in Asia as it takes 60 people holding hands with arms outstretched to cover the full circle of the tree.
The duration of being enchanted by the tree and do photo ops at Balete tree is 20-30 minutes. You can climb up to the top or choose to stay down and play hide and seek. Get back to the van/tour bus/any vehicle and get head on the the next adventure.
ETA - 9:15am - ETD - 11:30am (including snack time)
It takes about 30minutes travel from Millenium Tree to the meet point to San Luis. By meet point I mean where the Trycycles rally and are waiting to get hired to take you to the trek point for an average of P100 per person.
 Ditumabo aka Mother Falls
All that trek will be worth it once you've seen the 140-meter high water feature. Prepare yourself for an awesome cold (really cold) water dipping! Enjoy!
Click here for the full article and know more about trekking Ditumabo Falls.

Hotel Check-In
10:30 - 11:30 travel time from San Luis to Baler Town proper and check-in at hotel. We checked in at Machiavelli Hotel, 3 minute walking distance from the municipal hall.
This might take as short as 40 minutes to as long as an hour for some if their booked hotel is farther from the town. Freshen up as fast as you can and get ready for lunch.
3. Lunch at Gerry's Shan (buffet)
ETA - 11:30am. ETD - 1:00pm
Yes, it may take you 1 1/2 hour just to enjoy the buffet. Mainly because you have to wait for a table as there are many customers before you if you do not come in early, pay at the counter for your plate and fall in line for the buffet. I think it's the best buffet in Baler so far (2014) at P200/pax. Let me know if you know a better spot at the comment box below so the next travelers will have more options ;)

Tour around Baler Town, explore history, enjoy more water!
ETA - 1:00pm. ETD - 4:00pm

4. Museo De Baler
Just a few steps away from Jerry's Shan Buffet, visit the local museum for a taste of history and culture of the beauty of Baler. Tourists are encouraged to give donations for the maintenance of the museum. They're also social media friendly as they created props perfect for photo ops for your next profile photo! haha :)
5. Maria Aurora's House / Aragon House
Take time to personally acquaint yourself with how Aurora Quezon lived in her younger years in this replica of her home. It is situated about two blocks from Baler Museum, across the municipal hall.
6. Baler Church (San Luis Obispo de Tolosa)
Yes, this is where "The Siege of Baler" happened. Get a quick tip by watching the movie "Baler" by Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales. 

7. Ermita Hill

Mt. Dibudalan, Sitio Dicaloyungan, Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora 
You'd have to sway a little from the town proper past the local market on the way to Digisit Beach. There you'll find a magnificent view of the beaches of Baler. It is an uphill attraction where you'll see statues of people climbing uphill. It depicts the history of how the "Tromba Marina" (tsunami) survivors fled for safety on the night of destruction (December 27, 1735).

Beaches, more beaches

You can choose to visit more of the following beaches suggested at Baler Tourist guide site.

8. Sabang beach arcade
ETA - 4:00pm - ETD - 5:00pm
For dinnertime, I suggest you head back early to Sabang beach and enjoy a stroll by the bay. Grab a sandwich, grilled food, desserts, a beer or two while watching newbie and experienced surfers dance with the waves in just one beach.
9. Surf at Sabang Beach
ETA - 4:30pm. ETD - 6:30pm
This is what we came here for right! Go hire an expert surfer coach to give you your beginner lessons for a few minutes. Best time to surf is late afternoon to early evening. That is the time where the best waves of the day are.
10. Dinner at Hungry Surfer at Bay's Inn
Buffet or regular order. Both are served at Hungry Surfer's lounge. It was a lovely experience to enjoy a quiet night out with friends. 
If you choose to avail the buffet, be sure to check the menu of the night first. 
11. Yellow Fin Bar & Grill
To cap the night off, get that Island night out feel at a sportsbar at Yellow Fin Bar & Grill (located at the back of Bay's Inn Hotel). We enjoyed a few drinks with grilled seafood and good music.
And when everybody's had enough drinks for the night, it is now time to take your much needed rest. 

Day Two: More Fun in the Sands of Baler

6:00 - 7:00am| Breakfast - Have your breakfast at your hotel or nearby foodspots.

12. Digisit Beach, Baler
ETA - 7:30am - ETD - 8:30am
I hope everyone's had a great first day. This morning, I hope you put on your best smile filled with happiness and glee. This is one of my favorite places in Baler.
ETA - 9:00am - ETD - 11:30am
I must say without a doubt that this is my favorite scenery in Baler. It is so quiet, peaceful and serene.
It takes 10-15 minutes to climb up by foot from the beach to the lighthouse. Believe me, it will be one of the best leg workout you've done for the summer. The view is awesome!
Entrance fee ranges from P100-P300/person.
Check-out of hotel
11:30am - 12:30pm 
14. Lunch at the Rolling Stores
ETA - 12:30pm - ETD - 1:30pm
If you're hoping for some tasty at the same time affordable food for lunch, be sure to check out the reputable Rolling Stores, a series of Carinderia located just outside the perimeter of Museo De Baler. An average meal costs P40-60. An additional of few bucks for a cold refreshment.
You can also avail of the local cold desserts on the streets.
15. Visit pasalubong center and bag goodies
ETA - 1:30pm - ETD - 2:30pm
You can find the pasalubong center in front of Baler Municipal Hall, also just a few steps away from the Rolling Store.
Optional Sidetrips and activites
16. Mini falls
You'd have to sway a little from the town proper past the local market, just along Digisit Beach. There are lots of mini falls on the mountainside.

16. Baler Marketplace
Just before heading home, cooks/mothers/seafood lovers make sure to drop by Baler Marketplace to purchase fresh seafood. Bring your own cooler to store the fresh meat.
17. Acoustic Night at Costa Pacifica

Friendly reminder
Now here's the trick: The following itinerary is made in such a way that I'm assuming there are no causes of delays in any way in the group. Time flies when you're having fun. Happy and Safe trip to all you travelers :)


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