Picnic Grove, Tagaytay

There are only a few spots in the Philippines offering you a good view combined with a favorable temperature. One of the best is no less than Picnic Grove, located at Barangay Sungay in Tagaytay. It has more to offer than just the two features I've mentioned above..

A pretty sight: Taal Lake right in front of us

Another suitable attraction within the park is Tagaytay Ridge Zipline, taking you 250 meters from both end and lifting you 300 feet off the ground. Pretty romantic actually, ziplining with a partner while overlooking Taal lake on the side, nature down below having your photo taken. FTW! haha 
starting point of the zipline

cool feature: wooden hanging bridges connecting parts of the park

There's actually another option for the zipline aside from using the harness only, you can do it by groups via cable cars but I think the former is far more exciting.
This how it looks like on the other side, cute eh?

Since there were tons of lovers out there at the time, we decided to go PDA as well! hahaha :p It was so cute and funny 'cause a lot of lovers and friends spent their merry times all over the place either munching street foods or take out food, shopped for souvenir items, enjoyed extreme adventures or just hung out.

Well, here's where this part of the trip ends, just a few more places to go and this day is wrapped!
See you again on my next post you guys! xoxo <3

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