Green Ats Bulalohan, Tagaytay

Tagaytay is well known for serving the best tasting Bulalo (Filipino Bone Marrow Stew) in the whole of Philippines. It might have even originated in Tagaytay, no one really can say where this dish started but definitely it's from the south, either Batangas or Tagaytay.

To end our merry day, Ian took me to a good Bulalo Restaurant, Green Ats. A comfortable indoor/outdoor dining experience where you can have a beautiful view of Tagaytay and overlooking the roadside (Aguinaldo Highway) on the other side. 

The taste: Heavenly! As it very much compliments the cold weather in Tagaytay with its savory hot soup. Bulalo is one of the most favored Pinoy dishes all over the country because of it's homey taste and nature. A comfort food for a lot in fact.

Now we unfold this yummy dish with the help of Wade, our little traveling companion :)

There it is! Bone marrow still intact. Main ingredients of this dish are Beef shank, corn (adding sweetness), cabbage and some chinese cabbage detached. It doesn't take much effort to prepare this dish but patience is very well needed to get the right tenderness and flavor.

There are a lot of dishes served at Green Ats, but their bulalo is probably the cream of the crop. We paired it with grilled squid, a favorite of mine and some cold water. There's a beautiful scenery behind us, unfortunately we didn't get to appreciate it 'cause it's dark that time. Choose either the super cold night breeze + hot bulalo sand the view OR a slight hotter weather (but still cooler than any part of the country) + hot bulalo + view. :)

Quaint feature: there were little Nipa Huts (Filipino Traditional House) scattered all around the restaurant. Cute thing about them is there were stone dwarves in a very merry setting! awesome! Little wade had to join, but he wasn't allowed to drink yet.

Thank you for joining me on this day! The next post shall be a surprise and will take your breaths away. I'm going to feature a perfect wedding destination for you guys. I fell in love with the place. Stay tuned :)

This is my 6th post for Tagaytay Blogseries followed by my spiritual visit to Tierra De Maria.

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  1. I've seen this restaurant a couple times while I was still working at Tagaytay, but never got the chance to eat there. I'm adding this to my list on my next trip to Tagaytay.


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