Amidst Crowded Streets

This post should sound more dramatic if it were written by a journalist or a column writer. But it's just me, so I'm gonna keep it light.

This time, I'll be featuring shots taken by the Photographers who shared their time and talent on Chinese New Year (January 31, 2014) in Binondo, Manila.

Look not into the babble of words, let the photos speak for themselves. 

A fun and boring thing being with a photographer, or in this case, a few of them is that they're physically there but you won't actually get to have an actual conversation with them cause when the chaos starts cracking, they'll be clicking and snapping their time away.

Chinese New Year in Binondo

Still a Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! I'd like to share this moment while it's still fresh. I really had a blast on Chinese New Year, spending 9 full hours in Binondo's famous streets, worship temples/churches, shops and food spots. It was my first time to experience "Chinese Style" new year in this place. It was quite a sight at every corner.
I've only seen these in movies and photos my whole life, now I got to see them live with my own two eyes with firecrackers here and there.
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