Saint Agustin Church, Lubao, Pampanga

I remember dearly this wedding we attended in Pampanga in December 2012. It was a wedding of my Tito's long-time friends. They have been together for a long time, and, like the Legazpi's (Carmina and Zoren) they already have children. It was a beautiful wedding of a strong and happy couple held at the Church were Mikey Arroyo (son of former president Gloria Arroyo) exchanged vows with his other half. :)

Since this is actually a travel blog so, you're gonna see more of the place rather than the event itself. 
A little history about the place:
 (article from WIKIPILIPINAS)

I'm sorry I couldn't get a good photo of the church without entourage: my cousin and lola were taking photos!
I couldn't help but wander around while waiting for the ceremony to start, so I took liberty of taking photos of the Church.
The Altar
Here comes the bride, all dressed in white :)
The smile of the blissful groom as her parents give him their blessings
Group shots of the bride and groom with long-time friends (college buddies) and their other halves. 
There's nothing more perfect than sharing your special days with friends and that they set aside everything else to prioritize just being there for you.
Yours Truly ;)
Thank you for reading! :)


  1. A beautiful old church! I will surely go to this church if I ever got the chance to go to Lubao. :-)


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