Bag of Beans: Tagaytay Blogseries 1 of 7

This is my first entry for Tagaytay Blogseries, a series taking you to exciting scenery, food and adventures in Tagaytay City in one jam packed day! It tops as one of the coolest cities in the Philippines located at the south of Luzon. It envelopes an entirely comfortable and relaxed environment, perfect for romantic getaways or simply a family or barkada trip. There's a bit of something for everyone.

Our first stop: Bag of Beans, an outdoor coffee shop designed and furnished in a way that emanates a private, homey feel, just like sipping coffee in your own backyard.

Summer and Friends

Everyone needs a friend. One, two or in groups. No man is an island. I share the same belief. And summer wouldn't be complete without swimming on the beach, enjoying creatively themed resorts or doing some traveling here and there. But what makes me appreciate places and food is great company altogether. And I thank God he gave me friends share the same values as I have in friendship.

Big Bad Burgers at the Shack!

Hi guys! I've got another story to tell! This goes out to my fellow Kapampangan foodies
and to travelers spending the night or just passing by me beloved Angeles City! We've discovered yet another badass burger in town. 

It opened March 23, 2013 at the backyard of a simple home in Sampaguita St., in Nepo Subdivision. It is owned by Villarosa cousins, who studied at the top competing schools in the city - Chevalier School, Holy Family Academy and Holy Angel University to name a few. And with that, they're hosting a contest based on the number of alumni participants per week as per school designation. Pretty awesome right! :)

All in a day: Capones Island and Anawangin Cove

Summer, summer summer! There's this light and happy vibe when February arrives in South East Asia: it signifies the start of summer and everybody wants to go to the beach during this season. :) This trip happened in Mid-April, at the time when the sun hits hottest. This trip, I get to explore Capones Island and Anawangin Cove all in just one day with Ian and his friends.

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