Summer and Friends

Everyone needs a friend. One, two or in groups. No man is an island. I share the same belief. And summer wouldn't be complete without swimming on the beach, enjoying creatively themed resorts or doing some traveling here and there. But what makes me appreciate places and food is great company altogether. And I thank God he gave me friends share the same values as I have in friendship.

This summer, we got together in a private pool in one of our friend's subdivision in our home town, Angeles City. We did not have the chance to go on a long trip '├žause our friend, Mina is due to have a baby soon and we are not taking chances. Parang kelan lang kinasal sila <3

Friends keep me grounded and sane through life's ups and downs. They need not give advice all the time, they just have to listen and be my friends. We all have different point of views, but what makes us glued together is we open our minds to criticisms, new ideas, say brutal things without even hurting one another and make our own traditions.

We're missing Lian and Rhan this year, God bless them in Dubai :)

Thank you guys! You make life much better! Time flies so fast :)

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