Bag of Beans: Tagaytay Blogseries 1 of 7

This is my first entry for Tagaytay Blogseries, a series taking you to exciting scenery, food and adventures in Tagaytay City in one jam packed day! It tops as one of the coolest cities in the Philippines located at the south of Luzon. It envelopes an entirely comfortable and relaxed environment, perfect for romantic getaways or simply a family or barkada trip. There's a bit of something for everyone.

Our first stop: Bag of Beans, an outdoor coffee shop designed and furnished in a way that emanates a private, homey feel, just like sipping coffee in your own backyard.

My first glimpse: a vine covered entrance. I felt excited because the atmosphere and ambiance welcomed us warmly.

A set of hand-made furniture and pots welcome first timers and patrons. Similar to Flyers and logos, facades and entrances are important for customers to have an idea of what to expect in an establishment, especially if they're not from around town. These features give a very good idea of how we'll be spending the morning.

Another feature are big bird cages placed on different parts of this haven. They would sing and churp the whole day, further enhancing the zen of the place. 
 yours truly enjoying a sweet chill morning

One would always feel so close to nature being surrounded by trees, indigenous materials, animals and the people we love most. 

Meet Wade, our little teddy bear. He was with us the whole day, he quite enjoyed it! haha
 Eight is my self proclaimed lucky number, given that my birthday has 8 in it! :p

Forgive me for the soft breakfast. We had McDonald's before we left Cavite, but we ordered the good stuff nonetheless! :)

Hearty mug for a special day ahead

Soft and sweet morning extended treats

Bag of Beans mugs can also be availed as per customer's request.

Please do tune in for the second installment of my Tagaytay Blogseries. Thank you so much :)


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this. I live in Dasma, so im close to Tagaytay. I hope to visit this place oneday.

  2. Happy to help :) Stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks

  3. Heard a lot about this place. Must check it out next time I visit Tagaytay

  4. yeah you should :) I really enjoyed my time there. A little paradise indeed


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