Banahaw Heals Spa Angeles City

How can you convince a non-spa fan to come back and have a relaxing day again? Simple, invite them for a trial and let them experience your best signature massage!

I'm a full-time field architect and an adventurous traveler (well, whenever I can), who likes roughing it out most of the time, and a person who enjoys my body pains until a few days after my hazardous wanderings, tell me, who am I to say no to a spa invite??

Originally though, I was summoned to witness the opening day. Sadly, wasn't available at the time. A holiday came, so I dragged my sister with me and went on to Banahaw Heals Spa, a franchise of one of the widest spa network in the Philippines, which originated from Binan, Laguna.

We had a couple room so we could enjoy our separate quality time together. Ironic eh :) The preparations I enjoyed well. A cozy room prepped with nicely decorated towels for the massage gives one a sense of importance, whoever your client is/are. 

Daniela gave me a chance to choose which service I'd like to try. I chose Banahaw Heals Spa's signature 5-in-1 massage composed of Hilot, Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai & Tiuna massages all rolled into one. A head to foot combination of healing and relaxing treatment fit for everybody. Moderate 'cause I believed I wasn't ready for hard one.

Being an admittedly inexperienced on spas, I asked spa-natic friends: "how do you know if your massage therapist is good or not?" 100% of them replied "if your body does not hurt the next day, the therapist is good". 

The next day, I felt a little sore at my middle upper back. I guess it's normal 'cause it really felt good at the same time as if stress was leaving as it fades slowly hour after hour. It was my very first full body massage after all.
My sister and I after our spa date ^_^

To tell you the truth, for a long time I thought I only needed foot spas to relax my tired body, but this afternoon experience gave me a second thought :)

For a list of their services:

Banahaw Heals Spa is located in Casa Mitzi at: 2nd floor, units 202-203, 
- Sto. Rosario St., Brgy. Sto. Domingo (near Carmelite Monastery & in front of Villa Angela Subdivision).
Contact numbers: 09156943000 / 09997768983

Once again, thank you Banahaw Heals Spa for an amazing first time experience :)

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