Exploring Sorsogon

I never actually knew a place called Gubat my whole life, 'found it funny the first time. To pronounce correctly the word Gubat here, you'd have to stress it with the second syllable "Gu-Bat". It is part of Sorsogon, Bicolandia found in the South-eastern part of Luzon along the coast of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Dambana ng Kagitingan (Mount Samat Shrine), Pilar, Bataan

I didn't quite know how to go about with this post at first. My thoughts when I was taking photos: appreciate art, nature, the good weather, most especially the moment and stepping my foot on an icon of history where I became more proud being a Filipino. And so it came to me, history as it is, shall be shared to repeatedly pay respect and be proud of the heroes that sacrificed their lives in order to free us from Imperial Japanese invasion in the 1945 Battle of Bataan.

Guys, I'm eternally proud to present to you our Shrine of Valor, more commonly known as "Dambana ng Kagitingan" or could also be referred to as "Mount Samat Shrine" to locals.
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