Ocean View, Subic

Looking for good and affordable place to enjoy the beach near Manila? Try Ocean View in Subic Bay, Olongapo.
Another jumpshot for a great summer with my cousins :)

Compared to Boracay, Subic beaches does not offer a mall of souvenirs and a lot of fancy restaurants all in one place . You'd have to tour around Subic Bay Metropolitan Area or the whole of Subic to experience the facilities and a lot of other attractions the place can offer. It would take you 10 to 40 minutes to get to some major attractions of Subic, Olongapo.
Going back, you can bring your own food and set-up your own barbecue grill and picnic while playing volley ball court and other outdoor games in the wide area offered by the resort. Sun bathing by the shore while ordering your favorite fruit drink or martini by the bar can also be especially pleasing taking a break from our usual busy and hectic lives in the city. They also offer Jet Skiing and Island hopping so you can enjoy the beauty of little neighbor Islands of Subic. If you're looking for entertainment, there is a huge bar that holds a party in the evenings. Enjoy it just like bars in the metro wearing your new favorite swimwear or just simple beach attire.
Henna tattooing, accessory and some souvenir items can be bought inside the resort exclusive for Ocean View customers. You can actually enjoy the night basking under the sun and drink beer, set-up a bonfire, night swimming, anything as long as you arrange for night swimming or overnight stay at the resort.
My rose tattoo done by a tattoo artist along the shore of Ocean Park
Over all experience on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), I would give it a 6. :)
'Til next time guys!

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