Isdaan - Gerona, Tarlac

One of the most unique restaurants in the Philippines. Isdaan, a floating restaurant concept with a fusion of Buddhist and Filipino culture. It's kinda weird but somehow works well, has earned and continuously earns patrons from both North and South food adventurers.

I'll let the pictures do the talking! ;)

Precious Moments at Isdaan: December 2010

Saint Agustin Church, Lubao, Pampanga

I remember dearly this wedding we attended in Pampanga in December 2012. It was a wedding of my Tito's long-time friends. They have been together for a long time, and, like the Legazpi's (Carmina and Zoren) they already have children. It was a beautiful wedding of a strong and happy couple held at the Church were Mikey Arroyo (son of former president Gloria Arroyo) exchanged vows with his other half. :)

Since this is actually a travel blog so, you're gonna see more of the place rather than the event itself. 

Baguio City December

Ladies and gentlemen, May I present to you the "Summer Capital of the Philippines" Baguio City! You may wonder how it was awarded the title: Since Philippines is a tropical country, it is usually hot and humid and Filipinos favor it as a retreat during regular seasons especially holidays because of the cold and foggy weather.
Mines View
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