Luciano Ancestral House (Pa-Siyam House)

Have you ever stepped into a really old, scary house? I know I did! It was interesting and creepy at the same time. I felt I was walking through history as the rich details say a lot about the house itself. Still, there were untold stories about the place I never bothered to ask.

Our group held a fun shoot at a friend's ancestral house in Magalang, Pampanga. It has hosted some Filipino Scary Movies in the past. One of them is Pa-Siyam, starred by Roderick Paulate, Aubrey Miles, Cherry Pie Picache and a few other famous Pinoy actors.

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The house is just two hours away from Manila, located in Magalang, Pampanga. The Luciano Ancestral House sits quietly near the local parish church of Magalang. Plainly resting in front of a mini-forest haven of trees that still creeps me out.

A detailed entrance

Stair Detail
Ceiling, posts and stair crafts still intact. A rare opportunity for everyone to see nowadays
Everything is authentic! Photos, chairs, doors down to the floor.

A collection of old matchboxes from hotels and casinos from around the world.
The house is not deserted. It has a keeper and maintenance personnel to help keep it creepy? haha 
This is what you'd see at the mini-forest area of the house. 

Another piece of architecture, better yet, history experienced. I'm still up to the challenge though, scaring myself by entering another creepy dark house.


  1. This was also the house in Lino Brocka's Ina,Kapatid,Anak from 1979.

  2. Who owns the Luciano ancestral home? What the owner should do is to offer a paid tour just like some of the antebelum mansions here in the Southern part of the U.S.

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  4. This is the house of my great grand mother. We visit it last weekend but sadly, we can't enter cause of confidential reason. But my mother and my uncle's told us that my lola's house was scary and full of mystery.


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