Paradise Ranch, Clark Air Base

Being a local of Angeles City, Pampanga, it's natural that I visit attractions and other possible tourist destinations in my beloved city, simply because I love to travel, being close to nature, a proud Angeleno and, like everyone else, need regular stress-relievers: mine are travelling and my beading

Angeles City is two hours away from Manila, capital of the Philippines. This next visit is a lazy-day retreat with cousins and friends. Paradise Ranch is another 30 minutes drive from Clark main gate, bounded by Barangay Bamban, Tarlac with temperature comparable to Tagaytay. It serves a perfect place for camping, field trips, retreats, garden weddings, conference meetings etc., you decide :)
Flawlessly gracing a photo-up with me :)
First up, how to get there: I took these following directions from Paradise Ranch Official Page
Direction A:From Main Gate follow the Expo Filipino sign
From Expo Filipino take the Sacobia BridgeFrom Sacobia Bridge look for our billboard in BanBamTurn left on Sitio Monicayo

Direction B:From NLEX take SCTEXFrom SCTEX turn right on the Clark North or DMIA exit signTurn right on the CSEZ sign (Sacobia Bridge)From Sacobia Bridge look for our billboardTurn left on Sitio Monicayo

Next, Tour and Accommodation Rates. Check the following rates according you your desired schedules. Get them at For us, since we went there late in the afternoon (around 4:00pm) it just cost us Php.150 per head for a short visit at the Ranch.

Here is a sneak-peek of what's to see at the ranch:
posing like a model, great!
Ranch Rule: Please note not to fire your flashes when taking photos of the animals
cuddly owl
It was just staring at us the whole time, strolling around..
You can also feed the bearcats in exchange for a few pesos

Us and the camel smiling at the back
Little hedgehogs sleeping close together, so cute
Trekking beside the safari zipline 
A gazebo at the middle of the park, romantic touch in a perfect environment
 The pond. You can feed the fish here for a small fee
Little Baguio, replicating the view and lodges of Baguio City
Toontown by the pool. You'll see a lot of familiar toons around the area, you'll have to see for yourself.
A real treat for the kiddos :)

Other attractions to see are the Safari Zipline, Butterfly Kingdom and farmville. 

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  1. how can we get there by bus?we want to visit that place.


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