Romantic Garden Lunch at Sonya's Garden: TBS 3 of 7

Before anything else, I would suggest you come here on an empty stomach if you're planning to dine in this heaven of a place. It is not for the half-hungry tummies ladies and gents, but for people having-nothing-for-breakfast-this-morning types. You wouldn't want to waste dressings and garnish as much as possible in this lunch affair. Might I also warn you, you may want to bring your pills if not used to softer diets.

I was really excited to try everything served on the table 'cause I rarely get a chance to eat organic meals in Manila. It was mostly instant food for breakfast, "lutong bahay" for lunch, canned goods and fast food at night time, topped with a cold bottle of beer. Buhay nakikipagsapalaran sa ibayong lugar, over it! hehe :)

relaxed ambiance at Sonya's Garden

Pink Sisters Monastery, Tagaytay City Blogseries 2 of 7

Indeed a blessed morning at Pink Sisters Monastery, a holy place visited by pilgrims and tourists each day worshiping our Lord God. Before heading off to a long day, we put God first in our itinerary, and this actually turned out to be one of my favorite mornings of the year. 

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