Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

One day at the office, I was invited by Ms. Baybee Monce and Mr. Glen Mayhew, Gandiva chef, to come by at the cafe at a certain hour because the Archery Range and Cafe will be featured in Jessica Soho show. I dragged an office mate along too, so there were three of us from our office. 

From right: yours truly, Kristina Bismark, Elijah Bismark, 
Vas Bismark, Ms. Baybee Monce, Roy Vincent Martin
We waited for everything to start, watched the crew do their set-up and do their shoots of the location, the food and every little detail. Next thing we know, we were asked by one of the crews if we could be the featured guests of the Cafe and Range, who could say no? (I thought they were going to feature the archers though)..

Watch this video to see me and some of my office mates on Philippine National TV, starting at 06:23 and ends at 08:08. 

Watch this video on Youtube: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho Feb. 04, 2011 part IV

Shooting was easy and fun, took some 3 hours more or less away from work (yay! haha). I was shy though, of course I was. It was a consolation that I knew almost all the people at the cafe and archery range, I felt eased by the idea that we were somehow working together. 

It was not my first time to shoot, I've tried it before, and apparently have no luck with the sport. I used a beginner's bow in this segment. The next morning after this all mayhem, I had slight body pain, endured it the whole day.

With Ms. Kristina Bismark, a good friend and awesome archer!

Archery is no joke. It takes a great deal of determination, stability, endurance and everything in between. You have to free your mind to get what you want in real life, well, that's how it also works in this sport. And, for everyone's information, the weight imposed in a single bow can range from 10 to a hundred pounds. I even read there was a 200 lb. bow used by a man in Britain. He must have a lot of power on his shoulders. 

I was a told by a very good archer that he feels that everything's in slow motion whenever he shoots . He feels free from all his worries and it is his personal sanctuary. Truly, he is a dedicated archer, a good soul trapped in human form. 

Enough with archery, let's fulfill our tummy's desire! Gandiva cafe serves a sumptuous variety of vegetarian dishes. I learned to appreciate vegetarian food since I started working for Valde (my former company). They take vegetarian dishes to a 100% I tell you. The improvised dishes served here taste almost like real meat, texture at 65% achieved. They even cater to our local "ulam" favorites like adobo for less than P100. 

Yummy :)

Watch out for Gandiva's promo's through their official facebook page: Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range. They host promo's during holidays or for special occasions. 
Location: 7th Floor, One Corporate Center, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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