Surprise at Galileo Enoteca Deli

As well all know, special celebrations call for special venues. I had a perfect night planned that night and the place should speak no less. There were a few other choices to celebrate such a date. Of course, as a good partner, I had to consult my partner, Ian as to where he'd like to dine, gave him my top picks and finally, he chose Galileo Enoteca Deli. I must admit, I did put an extra effort convincing him that this is the place to dine that night. I thank the heavens it all turned out to be one of the nights I would cherish so dearly.

About the place:

Galileo Enoteca Deli - translates as Wine Library of Wines. You wouldn't want to miss this place if you enjoy food and wine pairing. They serve superbly prepared authentic Italian dishes, of course, best served with a bottle/glass of wine. 

The Place:

A quiet, quaint, ambient atmosphere with the smell of authentic Italian Deli was my first impression. I was ecstatic discovering every corner of the restaurant. Once again, it gave me a sense of history (given that cellars are traditionally known for preserving and keeping wine for ages, I imagined myself dining in an old-fashioned cellar, just like how the Italians do it through the years). The place might not be that old, but the wines would just have to speak for themselves. 

Our first orders for the night:

Salumi Misti and Bruchettas

Add formaggi to make our wine tasting official

A chilled wine for a night to remember. Definitely! :)

Shown on the right: the famous fresco painting at Galileo Enoteca, Mandaluyong BranchFor everyone's information, Alfresco painting originated in Italy, where it is classified as a mural painting on fresh plaster. The word "fresco" itself means "fresh" in Italian. It reached its peak during the Renaissance period and has a variety of methods applied by masters of art and architecture like Michelangelo and Raphael. To me, they are the fathers of romantic paintings.
A hint of what's to come...

My handsome date, Mr. Javier

Spaghetti Ai Frutti di Mare, also known as Seafood Linguine

I admit, I would always order pasta during nights, if not seafood. This time, I get the best of both. But if I were really hungry, it would be a well done steak. 

Recently, I've practiced to take on lighter meals especially if the next activities of the night are mellow and would involve some alcohol and more food. It is not healthy to sleep on a full stomach, scientific know this already I assume..

Chicken Piccata in Lemon Sauce

A heart-shaped chicken. We didn't specifically ask for this shape,
but it was a really nice touch.

And now, I reveal my secret. I said yes to an official relationship with him. I need not explain the qualities that made me fall in love (It would take up all night, there'd be no amount of words anyway). I just need you guys to know how special he is to me. He's my happiness. He was introduced to me by Angel, finally (after four years of being single). Yes, it was a long time of soul searching and "waiting for the right person" to arrive period, but when I met him, it felt different. Cheesy huh? :D

Keeping the secret:
I never really gathered it on my mind - how to organize this night but one thing's for sure: I wanted to make it one of the most memorable nights of our lives. That night, to keep him from wondering why I was carrying a box of cupcakes and a long stem flower, I said that someone would pick them up late to give them to my good friend and that I was the only one who can do the errands, and so he believed me. Hooray! 

A little while later, in the middle of our dinner, I put the rose on the table and opened the box of customized cupcakes and said they were for him. The moment he saw the cupcakes, there was a big smile and a big question mark on his face, still clueless but still smiling. And when it finally struck him, he was just so happy and I couldn't get the smile off his face. I really wanted it to be special. I thought I'd repay his unconditional love and the way he treats me is no less than important. I thank God I found you, honey :)

These cupcakes were made by Blushing Cupcakes Cafe
Thank you so much for these delicious and equally appealing treats
prepared on such short notice :)

He describes his smile in this photo as "Ngiting Tagumpay" 
or "Victorious Smile". He even posted it on fb! lol

Final verdict:

I'd give it an nine, ten being the highest, one being the lowest.  The food, exquisite as it is, but was served a little longer than expected. But the waiters were extra friendly and gives extra attention to it's customers.  The place was more than impeccable, it had the perfect Italian cellar ambiance and crowd. 

Cost per person: 

P.S. It would cost you less if you were to have a single glass and just do wine tasting. 

Once again, I thank you guys for joining me on yet another special day. 

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