Ocean Adventure, Subic

Up for another adventure? Join me in this next trip! All we needed is another weekend, a car, comfortable clothes, some money and best of all, company. This time I'm gonna show you Ocean Adventure in Subic Freeport Zone, a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from Manila, capital city of the Philippines. 

About Ocean Adventure:
It proudly boasts being the only open-water marine park in Southeast Asia. They try to give, as much as possible the most natural setting the animals can possibly have in the compound. It helps educate it's visitors on jungle survival, how to understand animals better, how to treat them and respecting the animals. It is perfect for educational trips, relaxing getaway and adventure trips.

Quick tips:
  1. Decide if you want to have the morning, mid day or afternoon show. Come on time for their 4-hour program.
  2. Follow the schedule given to you upon entrance. 
  3. Do not feed the animals human food. 
  4. Put on sunblock to avoid getting tan (only if you don't want to..). Some of the shows are  hosted on open theaters, the sun and wind waves are hot so they may affect the color of our naturally tan skin.
  5. Bring hankies or little hand towels to swipe off the humid sticking onto your skin.
  6. Bring umbrella, a little rainfall might drop by...
  7. Bring extra clothes, you never know what surprise you're gonna get!
  8. Have fun, take photos and enjoy the day! :)
I hate to keep you waiting so here's the rest of the day:

Ocean Discovery Oceanarium: 
See and explore for yourself various sea creatures living in perfectly maintained aquariums. 

Educational flash boards for our trivia, to help us appreciate more
how great mother nature's gifts are.

Walk on the Wild Side Show:
A presentation of surviving in the jungle, animal exposition and facts.

They invite in guests on their stage too!  

See the animals in action guided by their trainors.

 I was "brave" enough to get this close to a very friendly python :)

 Ian, me and Python :p

A cute little owl was gracious enough to let us have a photo with it

Dolphin Friends Show:
An hour worth of dolphins and a whale showing off their talents. They too, have acting skills and sense of humor. Very intelligent creatures, you'd have to experience for yourself.

Who said only Michael Jackson can do backwards?!

Literally walking on water. Powerful muscles!

A combination of agility and power

An intelligent whale trying to convince the crowd that he's dangerous showing off his teeth. They sure can follow the script :)

awww, they bid us goodbye. Thank you for the nice experience my dolphin friends! 

A not so camera-shy dolphin <3

Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show:
Be amazed with another intelligent and happy creature of the sea: the Sea Lions. 

Backstage stalking the next star of the show

Fooling around before the show starts

fancy stunt of the young seal

Luckily, I was picked as a guest of one of the segments. I got to meet and shake hands with a seal.  

Sealed with a kiss!

My shining moment! I was asked to rate the kiss of the seal

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did. 

For more information about Ocean Adventure, you can visit

Which part of this trip is your favorite? :)

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