Historic Camalig Restaurant, Angeles City

This year's valentines was a wee bit cold but memorable nonetheless. I believe I spent more than two valentine dates here during high school, college and now as a working professional. A place I'm fond of visiting over and over again 'cause of it's laid back and historical atmosphere. "Historic Camalig Restaurant" It speaks for itself.

If you're a traveler looking for a quaint place to hang out after a long day and staying in Angeles City, Pampanga, you might really want to consider trying out the dishes in this restaurant. 
Built in 1840 during the Spanish era, it has graciously withstood both time and natural disasters. Authentic and original are just a few of its qualities.
Sorry for the blurry shot. Here's to pizza, pasta, tea and friends surrounded by generations of history at a very quaint place. Kinda like "the place to be" for history buffs. Not only is the venue historic but also are the food. A lot of these dishes use locally available ingredients in Kapampangan market. 
And though, we may not know who's recipe we just ate, we will always remember how original and passionate they were in the making of food.
What you see behind us are a glimpse of just a few artifacts from decades and decades ago, reminding us of the simplicity of life long during the Spanish regime. Not a modern object on site, except the balloons of course :p
7th wheel! Arrrgh! How painful is it that my love is miles away?? #ThankGodforGoodFriends 
If you're up for outdoor dining, this also fits the bill. Be relaxed by music from the 80's or OPM while drinking beer alone or with your best buds.

See you next time :)

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