Eat 'till You Drop at Vikings

What more can one say when full? Buurp!! Hmmm, technically not a word but pretty much says it all. That was us after more than an hour of leisure eating just two days after Valentines day. Oh what a happy day ^_^  

It was a lovely sight to see hearts floating around here and there. They gave warmth in the cold, spacious restaurant. 

Our celebrants for the day - Val and Crizzy. It's a good thing Vikings gives free admission for birthday celebrants (3 days before, the day itself or 3 days after). You just have to bring a national Identification card to qualify.
How about a little tour ei? You should believe me when I say you get a free world cuisine tour when you visit Vikings Buffet. You can find a little bit of everything at each blink of your eye in here, it actually is very, very overwhelming.

For starters, may I interest you in some bread?
More pastry for everyone...
DIY coner: Taco (Mexican) and Blini (Russian)
Another DIY, make your own salad, how much and however you like it.
Pasta, anyone? It truly is a feast!
Tempura does not only mean shrimp tempura, it could be more creative, we should all know that by now.
Koreans are big fans of a wide variety of side dishes that has evolved throughout the centuries. I can't complain 'cause each serving is as tasty as it looks.
I also believe that an international buffet would not be complete without Japanese cuisine. They do make some of the world's most creative presentation when it comes to food, aside from serving them raw. 
Undoubtedly colorful. I'm lucky to have taken photos before everyone got a hold of them.
Another DIY: Shabu-Shabu with generous serving of everything. As I was picking out my shabu ingredients, the attendant asked me if I had already arranged a hot pot. A plus for good service, 'didn't have to ask. Keep it up!
Moving on to Chinese cuisine along with the famous Century Egg, Peking Duck,stews and moooore.
Skews for everyone. Nope didn't touch one.. My eyes were still wandering around. In fact, I'm still bloated from eating too much right now as I'm writing this post. My lola brought Seafood Salpicao and my requested Spring Rolls from a local Vietnames Restau.
Spotted! haha :)
Another first in my blog, my high school bff's first feature. From little girls, ladies, now women of both beauty and substance, ahem! haha
Time to eat! My first round: light as it is with some nuts, cheese, olives, vegetable tempura, blini, corn etc. :)
What we cooked on the shabu-shabu hot pot: organics and some processed goods. When strategically poured in per item, the taste is fulfilling.
Favorites: oyster galore! Pardon me for the poor photo composition I was eager to eat ^_^
After a generous serving of EVERYTHING we desired, here's the happy smiles of satisfied customers :)))))
And when you thought we were done, dessert came into play! Oh this is sheer joy!
Here's patty enjoying the creamy, overflowing flavored fountains :)

Cute Vikings cake, want some? :)
More cakes...and sugar :p

Everybody's favorite! Ice creams! Ooohhlalalove!
Kit and the cute snow ice maker ;)
Treat for the kids: everything sweet, colorful and nice, careful with the sugar please.
Halo-Halo - something every Filipino must be proud of. "Halo-halo" from the root word "halo" meaning "mix" in English, is literally a mix of different toppings from corn, banana, jelly, beans and whole lot more. 
This next original Pinoy food invention, are both famous during the Christmas Season is called "puto-bumgbong" and "bibingka". Quite heavy desserts 'cause they're made of ground rice. Best served hot of course.
Some fresh fruit for everybody. 
Back to our table with personal handpicks :) 

Ending it with my own piece of avocado heaven! 'till next time guys!

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