That Fun and Colorful Afternoon at Butterfly Sanctuary, Bohol

Another stop over for our day tour. The feeling of being welcomed by a colorful garden with actual real live butterflies was awesome. I've been to a number of butterfly sanctuaries but had no luck in experiencing butterflies happily flying around me which count more than all my fingers combined. At least this one was well taken care of.
What we learned: Butterflies of the same breed/name have different appearances. That is - females are generally larger than males. Also, their wings are more vibrant  to attract their male counterparts.
These butterflies were euthanized then preserved in this clear frame for visitors to witness. The community makes it a point to mate only straight butterflies to continue perfect butterfly evolution. Problem with these: half male-half female. Notice how one side of their wings are colored dull and small, while the other is larger and more vibrant.
The next frame here is a sample of male butterflies.
The guide let us touch this cocoon. It sensed that it was held then cutely shook its bombom!!
Another set. Different colored wing species preserved. They were indeed beautiful even with their flaws.
Our guide for the hour was energized and super friendly! I'd give him a 10/10 for his performance and knowledge. He also captions his photos everytime he snaps my cam. He's utter "splendid" "wonderful" "spectacular" and more with a slang! He safely lets us into the gardens and cautiously informs us how to take care of butterfly homes. 
Hi :)

One trick the butterfly does when it felt threatened is that it plays dead then slowly rises its folded wings flapped together then swiftly flies away.
When it's finally time to say goodbye...

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