Historic Camalig Restaurant, Angeles City

This year's valentines was a wee bit cold but memorable nonetheless. I believe I spent more than two valentine dates here during high school, college and now as a working professional. A place I'm fond of visiting over and over again 'cause of it's laid back and historical atmosphere. "Historic Camalig Restaurant" It speaks for itself.

That Fun and Colorful Afternoon at Butterfly Sanctuary, Bohol

Another stop over for our day tour. The feeling of being welcomed by a colorful garden with actual real live butterflies was awesome. I've been to a number of butterfly sanctuaries but had no luck in experiencing butterflies happily flying around me which count more than all my fingers combined. At least this one was well taken care of.

Eat 'till You Drop at Vikings

What more can one say when full? Buurp!! Hmmm, technically not a word but pretty much says it all. That was us after more than an hour of leisure eating just two days after Valentines day. Oh what a happy day ^_^  

It was a lovely sight to see hearts floating around here and there. They gave warmth in the cold, spacious restaurant. 

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