A Glimpse of Intramuros: Fort Santiago

June is one of the busiest time of the year. A lot of projects on going, regular hectic working days and overtimes on the rise. Then comes June 12, a national holiday celebrated by Filipinos commemorating our Independence Day from the Spaniards back in 1898. 

This year, I chose to visit Fort Santiago or Fuerza de Santiago, a defense fortress which is a part of Intramuros ("within the walls"), a place where several Filipinos were imprisoned during the Spanish Colonial Period and the World War II.

It is one of the most historical sites in Manila. It even held in its walls for sometime our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal a few days before his execution. 

Entrance of the Fort surrounded by moats

Let's start this journey!! :)
 Tickets worth Php75.00 only
 A strip of souvenir shops inside the fort

 A tunnel named "Baluartillo De San Francisco Javier" leading to "Reducto De San Francisco Javier"
End of "Baluartillo De San Francisco Javier" tunnel

You can hire these "kalesa's" to take you on a tour inside Intramuros, but I'd prefer to walk and savor the streets and views.

 Rizal Shrine

My passion for history started when I was a child. I always loved listening to patriotic stories of heroes fighting for the freedom of my country. It was a battle of decades and decades. And now, here we are, free as birds, free to say anything we want, do what we want without the fear of being behind bars. 

A collection of our hero's memorabilia 

A view of the river from inside the walls

An oversized bust statue of our national hero, my favorite Filipino hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. He might be small in person, but he's got the brains of a giant. His foresight and will futuristic, he lived through history :)

A little window opening bordered by thick walls. There's always a quaint corner in every place, showing history at a deeper level, another time machine.

 Furnitures used by Rizal himself

Had I been born a day later, I would share the same birth date as him. I guess that's another reason why he's my favorite hero.

more memorabilia

A sample manuscript of his revolutionary novel "Noli Me Tangere",
translated as "Touch Me Not" in English and "Huwag Mo Akong Salingin" in Tagalog. This novel opened the eyes of Filipinos in its time. It exposed how the Spaniards and the "holy men" used the Church to take advantage of Filipinos and a lot more. This was the start of our desire for freedom and exercise our rights being Filipinos. 

This book is well celebrated in my country. It is read during the last few years of high school, together with its sequel, El Filibusterismo (The Reign of the Greed). It would always remind us of how hard it was to live in the time of the Spaniards and why we would never live in fear ever again.

A wall bearing the last farewell of Rizal, " Mi Ultimo Adios". This is also the last poem written by our hero, written before his execution in December 30, 1896. His love affair was for his country, writing love stories so she could free herself from hostile Spaniards who held her tight and left her ignorant so she'd always look at the world as taught.

 The Spanish Barracks

Meet my companion for the day and my future trips, Ian Javier

 The Philippine Flag standing tall in front of the Fort

 Thank you. I had a wonderful time :)

The next photos are other famous sites in Intramuros.

 Manila Cathedral

 At a souvenir shop in front of the fort

I'll be back to see more of the walled city when I have the time. Thank you again for reading my blog. 'till next time :)

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