Boracay, Philippines I

When we think of vacation, the number one destination for beach bums in the Philippines is Boracay. It has been crowned as the world's top beach destination by Conde Nast. Top 10 Beach lists across the globe and awarded the Best Island in the World by Travel + Leisure magazine. By the way, this first of the 3 articles I wrote about my trip to Boracay in 2012.

If you'd look at statistics,  it is actually the second summer capital of the Philippines, next to Baguio City way up north. But why Boracay you may ask? Simply because of its smooth, white sands, clear waters, lovely shores, friendly people, preserved environment, romantic sunrise and sunsets, tranquil environment, etc. Leisure activities, sports events, and a whole lot more are held here yearly as sponsored by the country's top brands of lotions, health-related food, drinks etc.

You'd hear about the beauty of the island whole year round, because it is a favorite leisure spot of local and international celebrities.Especially during the holy week and summer season: on TV, the radio and even in social networking sites as pictures and experiences are posted by our dear friends and followers.

I really wanted to go there during the peak season but me and my friends booked us late June, that's why it was a bit cloudy on some days while we were there. Thankfully, my second day at full blast was sunny! hooray!! :)

Might I also add, this wonderful trip was not as expensive as first timers (in Boracay) would expect. For first timers, having Php8,000 - 12,000/head (exclusive of airfares) in your pocket is a enough to enjoy and experience fun activities, dine in good restaurants, and whole other bunch of fun activities. You can always go higher if you wish to have a private rendezvous with your special someone/friends/family.

Good Morning Boracay!
 First up, D'Mall. This is the place where you shop for souvenir items, beach apparel and clothes, dine, get inked and a lot more!

From our room, we walked through D'mall to wait for our service vehicle for the day (packaged with the tour for the day)

Sample souvenirs at D'Mall.

Now the real fun begins: 
Option 1 for the trip. Hmmm. Rockin' but not badass enough!

Final decision, we each get to ride ATV's all the way!! Now listen, we didn't hire a tour guide prior to our tour. A lot of tour guides are found by the shores looking for customers, you can negotiate as to what attractions you'd like to see and where you want to go. Still, be extra sure they are accredited to avoid inconvenience or whatsoever.
The ATV program we took lasted for an hour with the following:

Stop-over #1: Nature Tripping: in touch with mother nature and its creations at a mini zoo.

Stop-over #2: Climbing up the the highest point in the island. Time to practice our legs to make our hearts beat fasterrrr!
Not to worry, there's a cafeteria and resting area at the top so everyone can take some tranquil time with family and/or friends.

Stop-over #3: Zorb ball adventure! Oh what a fun trip! Here we go!!

We all got to ride twice with each type of zorb ball: the harness and the water zorb. I learned that my friends are seriously high pitched once the balls rolled! haha

Awarding...? haha

Next up, another ear-torture activity. This time we go deep ladies and gentlemen. But before that, we'll have to take a picture first. Bear with us :p

A little boat ride to our next destination. Sweet!

Finally! Sunken 20 ft. below sea level, we experienced helmet diving for the first time. What a treat! Helmet Diving <3 <3

Before anything else, this activity should be taken with caution - listen carefully as to what the professional diver says before committing. The pressure as you go deeper into the water could hurt your ears if you do not follow the given instructions. Otherwise, just to be one step ahead, click the link for some quick tips on How to Equalize Your Ears When Diving.

As tempting as it is, please do not take home anything that belongs to its natural habitat. Help them live longer, they too, deserve it.

I cut this trip into three parts guys. so Stay tuned for "Boracay, Philippines II: A Night In Boracay". There's a lot more in store for you, I Promise! Stay tuned. See yah! 


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  1. Boracay has a lot to offer that every tourist will surely appreciate. It won't be named as one of the best beaches in the world for nothing!

    Great post. More power to you and your blog! :)


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