Boracay, Philippines II: A Night In Boracay

Hey guys, this is the second installment of my vacation in Boracay as continued from my last post Boracay, Philippines I. The first part was all about the crazy adventures, this second post is about an exciting evening in the Island: walking around and trying to get to know the place more. I apologize in advance for not taking too many shots that night. The place itself was so much fun to be in! My eyes were in awe 100% of the time. So here goes!

For me, this is the highlight of the night: watching fire dancers do their awesome craft. It was magical and I loved every second of it.

Other photos with the girls.

Going sweetly healthy for the night, we first tried Jonah's Fruit Shake, the best shakes served in the island. I spoiled my appetite early (good eh?) 'cause I took the shake too early. It was a good experience after all.
 Having fun at Jonah's!
 Heading back to the night life in Bora :)
 D*Mall at Night. Bright and Alive. What a wonderful sight. This really felt like I was far away from home.
I really love my Bershka tube top mini dress, another good thing about it is 
that I was comfortable the whole time I was wearing it.
Next, ordering in at Bite Club! Serving the best burgers in the island

 Don't let the size fool you, this is the biggest burger in the Island! Prices at Bite Club are super affordable and the servings are generous as well.

Stay tuned for Boracay, Philippines III: A great morning in Boracay Island :)

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