Boracay, Philippines III: A Beautiful Day in Boracay

Finally, my third and last post to my Boracay series for 2012. The first two posts Boracay Philippines I and Boracay, Philippines II: A Night In Boracay were both equally fun. This time, get to feel the perfect sunny Boracay vibe :)

The room that the girls pick out was our lounge for 3 days and 2 nights. Just look out the window and witness the beauty of Boracay shores, look down at the surroundings and it's the life of Bora right before your eyes - people trading and doing activities along the sandy walkways. I came in a day late though (long story)..sigh Nevertheless, I would not let it ruin my trip though I'll remember it forever haha!

Breakfast can be requested to the staff or you can just go downstairs and grab some healthy breakfast at a restaurant of your choice. Moving on...after a quick breakfast, we headed to the plaza to bring home souvenir items for dear friends. But before that, a lot of picture came into place...

Here are some of the souvenirs I bought to take home to my dear friends. I also bought some colorful indigenous bags for my lola and me too! 

As soon as we finished shopping, we then dropped off the souvenirs at our hotel room to have a delightful seafood meal at D*Talipapa. 

And now it's time for a quick lunch and then off to Willy's Rock.

Willy's Rock is another famous landmark in the Island. It has the image of the virgin Mary simply sitting on top of the rock itself. 

God is Great! And that's the end of my first trip to Boracay. Thank you for reading. 'til next time!



  1. A beautiful day indeed in a beautiful place filled with beautiful women :)

  2. Thank you Marky. I feel so honored that you took time to read my article :)


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