IloIlo Weekend II: Authentic Ilonggo Flavors

I was supposed to spend just a night and a day in Iloilo, turns out, fate gave me two nights and a day to relish in this beautiful City. This is because we were late for our morning flight to Boracay, we had to rebook the day itself 'cause we're already a day late from seeing our dorm mates who were scheduled to leave a day before us. Good thing my friend, Apple lives in Iloilo so we could bunk at her place for the night and leave early to see the sun rise at the beautiful island of Boracay.

 While waiting for our plane.

 Hello Iloilo! :) The plane landed right before the sun sets.

At the heart of New Town in Iloilo, where the tummies desires are fulfilled.

 I got a perfect dinner treat at Ponsyon. "Bugana nang Karagatan" means
"Yaman ng Karagatan" in Tagalog and "Treasure of the Sea" in English

Apple and I have the same seafood faves: Grilled Squid and Oysters! mmmmh!

This wraps up my first night in Iloilo. Had to sleep really early to travel to Boracay by 3:00AM.

Next, my second night in Iloilo after my happy Boracay trip with the girls.

Our host for the night: Apple Uygongco

The sumptuous dinner :)

My fave once again 

yuuummmm! :D

Playing uno with the girls and apple's childhood friend

As the sun rose, we gave a visit to Nuestra Se├▒ora de La Candelaria Church and the surrounding architectural pieces of history. 

After that we get to the souvenir shopping part of the trip. I know this is what travellers like to take home to bring back to their family. It has become a Filipino tradition I guess. In Iloilo, souvenirs come in the form of bread and pastry: Biscocho Haus is famous for it. It offers..yes you guessed it right - Biscocho, Iloilo's pride. It's like toased crispy bread, only sweeter.

Yummy treats for all :)

My basket of take-homes!

..and then you find yet another historical time machine :)

Next up: Deocampo Barquillo Shop. Another treat house for Iloilo's trademark goodies.

Us with Tita Ging. Thank you tita :)

Here is another must-try in the whole of Iloilo. Deco's La Paz Batchoy. Where the famous La Paz Batchoy originated. A walking distance from SM Iloilo, along the commercial strip of the area.

The famous La Paz Batchoy originated here in La Paz Iloilo itself!

Deco's Souvenir Shop

Iloilo's best finds of souvenir items. I Especially adore the 
maskara magnets adorned with colorful feathers!

Us with the Uygongco family. Thank you for the warm welcome and
accommodation, oh and for the wonderful tour too! :)

 I hate goodbyes :/
Thank you Iloilo! 'Till we meet again :)

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