Sunrise Buckets, Rockwell

I came across this place during one of my researches as I was listing down choices for my weekly "places to dine-in come Friday in Manila". There were a lot of good restaurants near Ortigas Center to begin with, but one stood out amongst the rest. It was Sunrise Buckets at The Grove by Rockwell, Libis (across Tiendesitas). As its motto proudly boasts "Summer.Beach.Surf" This is the perfect place where you can relive your summer all year round.

You'll never find a dull space here at Sunrise Buckets. It's simply an atmosphere of clean, fun and cool summer vibe!
The lighting and the set-up/detail of the place is sure to blow you away. Perfect for couples hang out, or spending a night out with family or friends to catch up while food tripping and drinking in a relaxed and quiet ambiance.
Sunrise Buckets caught my interest by two things: a. They serve a variety of mouthwatering flavors of buffalo wings (and the beer of course) and b. The theme of the restaurant - summer. beach. surf! I am a big fan of cozy and comfortable places. Being too modern bores me, it's always nice to see the bits and pieces of details here and there.

Meet my happy boyfriend, Ian. I'm so happy he's into the same level of food enthusiasm as I have well, maybe even a notch higher. We both always agree on where to dine for the night each time we go out.
While waiting for our food. Hunger starts to strike and boredom has to be killed! 

Who said to go easy on the dairy?! I must have missed it

On our surf board table: a really cool Herbie inspired little veedubs!

 This is how they serve the food: buffalo wings on buckets and comes a "bone collector" for mini bone trash bin.

The plastic hand gloves are also given free for a happier, more intimate dining experience! lol

Chitchat while drinking beer. Adoring the place over and over again.
Given the whole night, we opted to stroll around the area for a while. Here's what we found:
The Grove by Rockwell's reception area for client meetings.

 It felt like Christmas in July <3

Yours truly

If you're having trouble looking for the place, this should be your landmark. It is always this dramatic at the entrance.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed devouring the food. 'til next time! :)

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