Cagsawa Ruins and Patio De Cagsawa, Daraga, Albay

Once a glorious church peacefully overlooking the beautiful Mayon Volcano was a Franciscan church built in 1724, now widely known as Cagsawa Ruins.
It is always referred to as "The sunken church in Bicol" or "that bell tower in Bicol", at least that's what we called it from where I came from. And all of this was caused by the massive destruction brought about by the eruption of Mayon Volcano back in February 1, 1814, striking hardest in Cagsawa area.
An eruption so powerful it sunk up to a solid 9-meter height of ash which covered houses, establishments, institutions and Cagsawa Church being one of them, proved to be a living legend of all the tragedy.
Welcome to Cambodia! haha! Dreaming of my happy place! I feel a deep nostalgia whenever I set foot on ruins. Knowing that it has a deep history and stories to tell. 
Just a few meters away... is a local shopping haven where one could enjoy a blissful shopping for native handmade products, produced with Abaca. From Serving trays, bags, table decorations, lighting, etc. The ideas are endless!
Oh wait! Did you see the "Sili Shake" posted in the middle? Sorry, I literally did not have the guts to try it 'cause my stomach gets upset with very spicy food and there was a lot of travelling right after we visit the ruins and I could not afford to be left out that time. Maybe next time, I promise you that, definitely.
Yes, I'm enjoying my blue skirt! haha! I'm such a girl (outside the construction site). I consider being a lady a luxury these days, a woman and a tigress on site, and kikay when traveling.
Last look. Ok bye! Let's walk some more ;)

So as we walk towards the tricycle terminal, we stumbled upon Patio De Cagsawa. From the outside, I thought it was a resort. I was quite mislead with the exterior facade. Turned out it was a restaurant.
A very dashing restaurant in fact. I can host my wedding here. I fell in love with all the colors, so vibrant and fresh, even on a hot summer day.
Click on the photo to enlarge a piece of heaven in Bicol :)
Here's me being grateful for all the blessings and beauty I'm witnessing in Albay. More fun in the Philippines it is!
Right beside the Patio is the Galeria De Cagsawa. The entrance fee is P20.00, they actually refer to it as maintenance fee so I guess that makes it a better run for my money. hehe
 And finally, the last glimpse of Cagsawa Ruins before going back to town.
We were waiting for the clouds to shy away for us to get that "awesome" photo of Mayon with the ruins, but no luck was with us that time. 

Farewell for now my loves. More traveling to do ;)


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  2. The photos look amazing despite the clouds though. :)

  3. Is there any restaurants nearby the Cagsawa Ruins?


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