Monasterio De Talac (Tarlac Monastery)

Many of us Filipinos, being a Catholic country, go on religious trips each year. A huge percentage of them do it more than twice a year, and some do it on a more frequent basis. Being close to our God lifts up our spirits, enlightens us and our light when our darkest hours come.

In Central Luzon, Monasterio De Tarlac is a famous destination for people on Pilgrimage or just simply to reconnect with God in a deeper sense each time they visit our Lord God's shrines. It is perfectly situated at the peak of a mountain in San Jose, Tarlac.

Why is it this shrine special? Only that it holds a relic of the holy cross and know the fact that it is the only one in Asia to house such a divine gift.

I would like to apologize for the poor lighting. It was a cloudy weather that day, but it got better as the sun set. The structure itself embodies Europe's baroque style of architecture, it's surroundings boasts medieval architecture otherwise, you'd notice the surrounding stalls and other amenities of the complex as you walk by.

The relic of the holy cross inside this holy vessel

 Green, green grass :)
Be taken away with this amazing sunset, breathtaking landscape too

Me and my girlfriends enjoying the view
 It's like Rio De Janeiro 
My friends Gian and Dennis posing for the camera

Until the next travel guys! See you all soon.

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