Oasis Pub & Maranao Grill, Angeles City, Pampanga

I've long recommended restaurants in my city, but then while pondering a while ago, I realized I haven't posted one of my favorite pubs yet. That feel-good bar and, a perfect place to cap down a busy week.

*I brightened the photos here so everyone could appreciate the place. It's usually dim here, cozy and homey as it is, we love it here.
Wilmer belting off "Better Days" blowing everyone away.
I also recommend it to tourists/newbies who are looking for a good place to chill (if I'm not with them to enjoy the night). What I also love about it is that it's not crowded and noisy.  The band plays good music too!
Non-local beers are also available here. You can order them anytime with your favored appetizer or a meal, whichever you prefer.
I still come here these days, though not as often as we used to. There's tons of must-see resto's and cafe's around town and I'm enjoying conquering them one by one ;)

If you've no idea how to start the night, head to Maranao Grill, literally just a few steps from the pub entrance. It's also dim and cozy as the pub and serves good food too. Definitely, this should be on your list!

The Pub at Oasis hotel is located along Clark perimeter road, Angeles City. 

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