Tierra De Maria, Tagaytay

Welcome to the home of Mama Mary's 50-foot image standing tall welcoming everyone with her arms wide open at a quaint corner along Tagaytay-Calamba Road in Tagaytay. Such a serene and heavenly place, I felt blessed and spiritually cleansed by the time I left. It has garnered thousands of devotees all over the Philippines and describes itself as a HOME for everyone, meaning "Heaven Of Meditation and Enrichment".

'Tis a place dedicated to prayer, healing and hope. Many would testify for the miracles that happened to them since they stated their intentions and pleas to different images of our God, which by the way were huge (a little bigger than a life size statue). 

To tell you the truth, I'd prefer to see our Lord in a calm expression rather than what you see below. I just like to feel calm instead of heavy when I tell Him my stories, that way I'd get a feeling of ease.

The images were exceptionally adorned with arches and flowers possibly given by devotees and regular patrons.

Here is a corner for asking forgiveness and understanding how things are the way they are on the other side (our enemies). I knelt and prayed wholeheartedly, asking for forgiveness for all the wrong things I know I've done. I ask forgiveness everyday but most importantly thank Him for all the good things in my life.

I believe prayer and communication opens doors for understanding and acceptance, hope and a whole world in our reach. You just have to believe, otherwise, our prayers wouldn't mean anything if said halfheartedly. Everyone goes through dark times at one point of their life or another, this place empathizes that situation. They go though your sufferings with you and help you pray for brighter days. 

For my closing remarks, I leave these words to you fellow traveler: It's not how much you value His image, rather "how much you value your faith in Him". Love and devotion to faith can be manifested anytime, anywhere. These images are here only to remind us of our creator and His sacrifices, significantly His love for one and all. 

This is part 5 of my Tagaytay Blogseries kicked off by a fresh morning at Bag of Beans, followed by a blessed morning at Pink Sisters Monastery, then off to a romantic lunch at Sonya's Garden and enjoyed a cool afternoon stroll at The Picnic Grove.

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