The Ultimate Time Travel at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

For my year-end post, it definitely has to be the grandest and the best place I'll saunter with you all this year: Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar. A massive monumental display of 27 (and counting) Spanish Colonial palacios salvaged from all over the Philippines then rebuilt in exactly the same fashion, with the exact original pieces of every mansion you'll witness within the next few minutes.
Truly, this is a day to remember. For this was the day I walked on homes, mansions, buildings, whatever you'd like to call them, that paved history of my country as well, some of these were once inhabited by Teodora Alonzo, our national hero's mother and even former president Manuel Quezon himself graced presence within the walls of one of these Casas.

La Bella Teodoro: Italian Restaurant (Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar)

Just another feel-good afternoon, fresh from a historical morning tour at Las Casas. It was a bit of an exhausting tour, just because it was hot and humid plus my eyes wandered nonstop enjoying and savoring the views. Even after the tour ended, I was still so excited to be in Las Casas. 

There were two main restaurants offered in Las Casas: Spanish and Italian. Our taste buds craved to go Italian this trip, and so we chose La Bella Teodoro.
This was the rest of the restaurant, us being seated at the middle of this thoughtfully designed restaurant from ceiling to floor. Vintage items are also seen everywhere. My mind blasts away, so quaint this restaurant fits perfectly suits me!

Yakimix with DnK

Ready for some mouthwatering experience yet again? I know I am! I know, a lot have tried this before, but you gotta taste this the way we did. Give us a chance! It was my first time at Yakimix, and so did most of my friends! 
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