Baler Lighthouse & Dicasalarin Cove, Baler, Aurora

I don't think I'll ever get tired wandering and searching for the best destinations in the Philippines. But I do get tired being told by peers to go travel overseas already and see the rest of the world, I'd just smile. Not that I don't want to, (and although the expenses may relatively be the same) they just don't understand my lifelong love affair with the beauty of my country, it's culture and traditions. To make it short, I love the Philippines! :D

This summer, my friends and I chose to visit Baler. And I, being a travel freak, researched on a short amount of time to plan a packed itinerary. It didn't go as planned though (blame it on the weather). Anyways, this entry is about the cream of the crop of our trip - Dicasalarin Cove and Baler Light House.
You can't check in directly at the resort especially during peak season. You'd have to book your reservations as Costa Pacifica Hotel in Sabang Beach. The prices here for family villas are very affordable it might surprise you. ;)
Not many tourists know of this place, but it's not hard to find either if you do your research well. Make sure that your driver is a careful and experienced one when it comes to treading the steep ups and downs of the long and dangerous road to Dicasalarin. It's better to schedule your trip while the sun still shines to make it easier to navigate on the zigs and zags of this one way street. Nevertheless, it will sure be well worth it once you set foot on its long beach and serene scenery.

The best time to visit this cove is definitely summer, it also turns into a good surfing spot as well in some months. Enough talk, let the photos do the talking for me this time :)
Each step makes me feel grateful that I live in the Philippines 'cause people do search for the best beaches all over the world and it makes me proud that we do have some them on our coasts. No need for expensive out of country tours, we are well known in this category!
Now we head up to a uniquely designed Lighthouse. Wait 'till you see the views up there.
Isn't it lovely? hehe..picture taking section next.. 
The breathtaking views from left to right are endless... A little more tide and this would be a lovelier sight.
On our way back to town proper, these were our farewell views.

Some snaps from Shine and Lian's cameras here:
Entrance fee: P100 per head (but late summer it rised up to P300/head). Cottages/Villas can be inquired at Costa Pacifica Beach Resort in Sabang Beach.

Other places to visit in Aurora:
Ditumabo Falls, San Luis, Aurora
For a full Baler Itinerary for a jampacked 2Days, 1Night stay, click here. Mix it up according to your own convenience. Surf's up!


  1. Hi, how much po yung family villa sa Costa Pacifica? Thank you!! :)

    1. Hi Aira,

      Last we asked, they were about P2,500 per villa. Sulit!! But do book ahead as they're always fully booked on and before peak season. It's always a problem to find a decent lodging in Baler during peak season.

      Hope this helps.

  2. may overnight po ba sila na inooffer? salamat!


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