Trek to Ditumabo aka Mother Falls, San Luis, Aurora

You can't get all the right shots the first time. That's why this post is a combination of two trips, 15 of some of my friends, 6 camera's and about 4 hours trek combined.

The Trek - equally important as the destination, especially when shared with friends, whom you've shared childhood with.

Some snaps before we head on...and while we're still looking fresh. Smiiiile :)
shots from my first trek to Ditumabo, elementary chums
the second time around with my high school buds

Kicked it off and here we go. Ready those legs!
some selfies in between
Of course, shots on the bridge - per group!

The more stop overs, the manier! I thought trekking after the rain would be disastrous, but it turned out awesome after all. The leaves were damp and green with their post-card-ish appeal.
And so we get to the part where water flows freely, with all it's might. I won't recommend you bring infants here, It could be a real challenge and hazardous to both of you. 
It was a lovely sight to see people help each other, friends, family, even strangers alike. Chivalry isn't dead after all.
My two body guards! haha :p
As we reached there (first trip), there were still drizzles as it just rained a few hours before our Baler touchdown. Didn't get to take a lot of photos of the falls.
The second time, more prepared of course, my friend bought a waterproof cam, so it went all good. Welcome to Ditumabo Falls!
Ever wondered how it feels to bathe in ice-cold water?? Try this falls... felt like I'm a bottle of sub-zero beer. Awesome, but I won't do it at home!
When to eat - after the trek. Avoid appendicitis and take snacks only at the food stops. Don't throw non bio-degradable materials anywhere, we owe that much to nature.
Once again, thank you Mother Nature for your wonders! 'will never get tired of appreciating your bountiful gifts and I promise to take good care of you in every way I can.

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  1. Wow, it's jungle out there. Awesome waterfalls. In one of the photos, where does the giant pipe lead to?

    1. Hi Albert, check out 2nd to the last photo. It's actually a hydro pipe used to supply electricity in Baler :)

  2. Hi, Ditumabo Mother Falls is located in Brgy. Ditumabo San Luis Aurora po. Baler and San Luis are two different towns of Aurora Province po :)

    1. Thank you Mr./Ms Anonymous. I revised it as per your correction. :)

  3. ang ganda kasong falls kasu ang crowded naman kaya ang hirp tlga pmunta sa lugar na popular ng destinasyon...

    1. Best time to visit pag magsisimula pa lang summer para d crowded. I went there twice this summer and malaki difference ng tourist traffic tlga.. :)


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