Catching Paguriran Island Lagoon & Beach Resort on a Low Tide

It's just one of those happy days! Originally, we had a different itinerary planned for this day, but someone on my IG liked a photo I posted in Barcelona, Sorsogon, I checked out his page and saw a beautiful photo of this lagoon with hashtag #Sorsogon. Hence, I asked ate Ophel if Paguriran Island was far away, she happily told us that it is one of her favorite spots to visit in her province. Coco did like the photo too! And so, I guess y'all know what happened next!
It was a hot, humid 6am in Gubat Sorsogon. We had to wake-up early to prepare for our second Bicol escapade. I think we left Gubat at around 7:30 or 8:00am after baths and breakfast. We took Prieto Diaz Road until at some point reached this beautiful Island as I woke up around 30-40 minutes later. I was literally headbanging 80% of the trip riding a tricycle.

As we arrived, we were blessed with such a happy sight...and blown away with the beautiful weather 'cause it was awfully raining in Angeles City, Pampanga and Manila from where we came from a day ago. Here, it's all bright and sunny!

I'm not quite a selfie queen, you won't see it in the next photos, no! Hahaha! Not when the background is this good: blue skies, clear waters, white sand, green trees! oh joy!
This scenery would not be possible if not for the low tide. Ate Ophel warned us that the we had to cross the shore to the lagoon with the water rising up to 3 feet high. I had that in mind but we were blessed with a low tide that morning. It made the lagoon look like an island from ashore.

photo credits to Coco/Ate Ophel 
And as I got closer, a little peak of paradise :D
I'd recommend everyone wearing protective footwear cause these rocks/corals aren't friendly if you tread barefoot - don't ever think about it, honestly. I apparently got a little scratch from the corals being a stubborn ass kid 'cause I took my sandals off from the area where we swam. It hurt 'till the next day, ouch!

And when everyone else got busy taking their shots of the lagoon, I opted to do more selfies myself, this time with more drama! Pardon me but thank you tripod for taking good care of me. No monopod can compare to your perfect shots! :)

If cliff diving is your thing, here's another spot for you guys. You can also bring your snorkeling gear to witness how diverse life is beneath these deep waters.
The next three photos were taken from Coco's camera. Hey, I got to swim on deep waters for the first time. I never thought I could do it! Hooray! :)

And when we got tired swimming + avoiding our feet touching sharp corals, we'd hang on to this piece of log, which helped us a lot by the way. Swimming is tiring, especially if you don't do it everyday, logs can be your new swimming best friend.

So diverse this body of water! We saw two unique sea stars by afternoon - chubby pink and sexy blue! We took them up for a few moments to take photos, then threw them back to the sea so they can go back home and live. It would not be a healthy thought to take them back with us as souvenirs - only to die in a few hours or days.

I climbed on further to the top of the steep, craggy rocks amidst the solidly scorching sun. I could feel and smell my skin burning, but here's the scene I basked myself into. 

As we finally had our fair share of fun, sun and waters, we finally grew hungry and decided to get some shade, stopped by a shady area, alas! more photos! Girls!!

Another viewpoint from inside the lagoon was another scene stealer.

These smiles bidding everyone goodbye for now. Until the next destination ;)

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  1. I always wanted to be in a beach resort because it feels so relax and I enjoy it a lot.

  2. bagay both the people n the invironment parehong maganda

  3. How deep is the water if you do the cliff diving? I am not a good swimmer so I am little scared! :)


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