Catching Paguriran Island Lagoon & Beach Resort on a Low Tide

It's just one of those happy days! Originally, we had a different itinerary planned for this day, but someone on my IG liked a photo I posted in Barcelona, Sorsogon, I checked out his page and saw a beautiful photo of this lagoon with hashtag #Sorsogon. Hence, I asked ate Ophel if Paguriran Island was far away, she happily told us that it is one of her favorite spots to visit in her province. Coco did like the photo too! And so, I guess y'all know what happened next!

Trek to Ditumabo aka Mother Falls, San Luis, Aurora

You can't get all the right shots the first time. That's why this post is a combination of two trips, 15 of some of my friends, 6 camera's and about 4 hours trek combined.

The Trek - equally important as the destination, especially when shared with friends, whom you've shared childhood with.

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