Lahos Island, A Bright, Sunny Day in Caramoan

After our enchanting trip to Matukad Island, our next target was the infamous Lahos Island, which was where the international reality show "Survivor" was held at some parts of the show.

From afar, you can see a low, horizontal arrangement of islands. I was wondering how it would look 'cause I have this expectation in mind since it's been chosen as one of the locations for the well known show.

Touch down! I can now see why. The colors of nature were alive, all blues, greens, whites to blacks. The sand was soft and white, it was yet another paradise in the Philippines!

Even though I could smell my skin burning under my see-through cover-up, I still enjoyed my 180-degree shots of the island. I skipped seconds of breathing just to keep my hands steady while doing these shots. But it was all worth it.

TQT Fact: How Lahos Island got its name
In Visayan dialect, the word "Lahus" means being able to pass through, which exactly describes this beautiful Island.
Knowing me, you should know by now what follows are our vanity shots haha!
We were lucky that no coral snakes were there to pose with us. They're known to be extremely venomous and we were in no mood to be rushed to any hospital. It was a vacation after all :)
Lemme take a selfie! Sorry, I couldn't resist it! It was such a lovely place. hihi :)
Just another day in paradise! 'till we meet again loves :)


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