Pampanga's Red Light District

A chill night in my very own town. I accommodated two friends at home this weekend, brought my little sister, Diane with us along too. 

Fields Avenue is a very out-of-the-box place to show newbies in town, but I think it's definitely a must-see and to-experience in Pampanga. Located just a kilometer away from Clarkfield, Pampanga, beside McDonald's Balibago. Head straight to "Walking Street" and from there, the flashing and colorful lights of the street will welcome you in. 

This street is very well known by foreigners and expats living in Angeles City as the little "Sin City" of the Philippines. Even the tourists I met in Bohol know Clark and Fields Avenue's reputation. In fact, Angeles City was known as a red light district rather than being the "City of Friendship" way before I was born.

Please bear with the blurry photos :)

Diane and Kaye

The happy fiesta feel of walking street

I believe this place was born when the Americans held a stronghold base inside Clark Freeport Zone. Filipinos saw it as an opportunity and built night clubs and hotels to entertain the Americans at the time. Amazingly, a lot of them never left and established lifelong relationships with Filipinas, had kids and still live in this City, while others came back to do the same and, they do keep coming I tell you. 

I always feel like I'm in a different place whenever I pass by Fields Ave. the streets are filled with foreigners from different countries (mostly whites) 24 hours a day. Frankly, it is also a place that never sleeps.

Our choice for the night: Red Sea, a restaurant decent enough for my Filipino visitors. hehe. My mom won't approve that we go in to the exotic bars across and along the street, my baby sister just turned 18 and I still think she's our baby :) 
Price range on regular meals: Php60-Php350. Shawarma sandwich at Php65 only, drinks exclusive. Pretty cheap for a food trip night in town. 

 Yours truly and Mr. Ian Javier

Last one for the road

Will be posting more of Red Light district when I feel like taking photos there again. If you have any requests, hit me! Ciao :)


  1. this place is nothing like all the talk, maybe if your a Latino, Black or under 40, but if your white and over 50 forget it, your invisible. I've been here 7 days, women ignore me, no one tried to get me into a bar, even when I went in on my own, I even had trouble getting a drink.

  2. to be honest the place is an absolute dump

  3. yher your right shithole is a better word,read blogs that tell you just that



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