All in a day: Capones Island and Anawangin Cove

Summer, summer summer! There's this light and happy vibe when February arrives in South East Asia: it signifies the start of summer and everybody wants to go to the beach during this season. :) This trip happened in Mid-April, at the time when the sun hits hottest. This trip, I get to explore Capones Island and Anawangin Cove all in just one day with Ian and his friends.

Being from the South of Luzon (CALABARZON Provinces), it thrills them to see more of Luzon's beauty. Although not too far apart in mileage, there are slight differences in culture in terms of lifestyle and modern traditions. Each province in the Philippines is unique and has its own natural beauty to be proud of.

It takes of 3-4 hours travel time from Manila to San Antonio, Zambales on the road. It is pretty accessible and signages make it easier for first time travelers to find their way. 
 A fresh morning by the beach. These boats are the only vehicles used to take tourists
to the Islands of Zambales.

we leave as early as we can while the waters are calm to get 
to our destinations safely and on time..

Tourist boats loaded... Let's go! Here goes 30 minutes trip ahead to Capones.
Cost per head: P300.00 for Two Islands in a row, not bad :)

First up, Capones Island

This island is a two-kilometer, bone-shaped rock formation. It is surrounded with a white sand beach that shifts location depending at the weather and sea current. Whoever said nature sleeps?!
 The whole of Capones Island
  getting closer... The solid rock formations are now seen clearer given our distance.
and closer.. I wouldn't advise jumping off this cliff. You'd be dead by the time 
you hit the rock formation down below.
and closer... No developed resorts and territories, purely untouched nature and Island fun :)
 Touchdown! ^_^
 Guests for this trip, Wally, Camille, Michelle, Jessica and Jose
 gentle, simple days I love :)

These are the rock formations at the bottom of the cliff, still wanna jump off? hehe 
 This was the time I wished I had a water resistant camera. 
Some of the splashes got in, some of the buttons aren't working now, 
but it can still take beautiful photos for me :)

up for another big splash of wave!! 

Finally, it's time to say good bye to the clear waters of Capones...

Moving on...We now head to Anawangin Cove for a hot and peaceful afternoon.
A view of Anawangin Cove from Capones Island

Ten minutes more...By the way, don't be surprised if you see a little triangular shaped fin
while braving the seas of Zambales, sharks wander here at mornings, no kidding.

Passing by another little rock formation

Anawangin wait for us!

I was disappointed when I saw that there are now bamboo fences along the coast. I hoped dearly that it remained untouched and preserved, the way I was truly amazed the first time I set foot on it back in 2009. I felt that boundaries only made restrictions to more fun activities. At one point, I understood why they had to put fences, one is for commercial reasons, another is preserving the rest of the cove. Click here to see the untouched Anawangin I fell in love with.
Entrance fee per head for the use of shelter and amenities: P50.00

Another milestone of the day: Touchdown for the second time! 

Activities at the site, other than swimming, beach volley ball, sand games, sleeping, eating and flaunting, you can also trek to the top of the cove. There are various points of the mountain to which you make stations for stop overs.

Compared to Capones, Anawangin can shelter you with more trees during hot afternoons. 
It also does not disappear entirely during high tides :p
swimming time :)
It is a plus that the ocean bed's elevation drops little by little, that is why it's safe for kids.

If ever you forgot to buy essentials, there is now a store available to cater to your needs, at a good price of course.

Amenities now present at the site: more cottages, changing rooms and CHB toilets.

And again, when you thought it was a perfect time to just chill quietly, it's finally time to head back to the port. The fishermen would insist that we leave around 5:00pm or earlier because the current will grow stronger by 6:00pm onwards. 

  beaches at every turn

 Another rock formation at the end of Anawangin stretch.

This is where tourists leave vehicles. It usually costs P100.00 for whole day parking and P200.00 overnight. There are also other resorts with pools outside of this compound, as well as cafeterias and convenience stores.

Total Damage in San, Antonio:
Breakfast: P35.00-50.00/head
Back and forth boat ride to the islands: P300/head
Entrance fee in Anawangin: P50.00/head
Lunch: Bought canned goods and rice. About P300.00 total
Parking fee: well, we got it for free anyways :)

Total cost per person: P700.00
Gas, would cost a load of P1,500-P2,00 to be safe.

Thank you and good luck on your travels :)


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