Abe's Farm: A Paradise in Magalang, Pampanga

It makes me happy and proud whenever I feature events and places from my very own state. And one my recent favorite restaurant in Pampanga is Abe's Farm.
Abe's Farm opened to the public in 2008 and has been a favorite of travelers and food enthusiasts since then. The thing I love most about this place is that it gives me a peaceful and tranquil feel - consistently anywhere I laid my eyes on this inland paradise. 

The Capampangan word "Abe" means companion or a friend in English. In Filipino culture, people would call you by how they know or recognize you. The farm is a tribute to Mr. Emilio Aguilar Cruz, father of Larry J. Cruz. In his time, Mr. Aguilar was called "Abe" by his friends, and so, this haven was named Abe's Farm or simply, Friend's Farm.
Some parts of this building were dismantled from Larry Cruz's original home some time after he died. The  best preserved wood and furniture from Abe's home were transferred the into this present masterpiece. I highly hope it remain this way for a very long time so that the generations after us can still be able to feel how it was like existing in simplicity and harmony in an original indigenous Filipino home, without all the technology.
Abe's antique furniture pieces

Adorned with antique and indigenous materials used in their everyday whereabouts.

The managers and staff were extra friendly and are more than happy to show you around and entertain questions, comments and suggestions. I'd give them a plus ten for this gesture.

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Moving on to the food :)
Bamboo Rice
I personally recommend trying their Gising Gising,
bursting with flavor and with the right amount of spice (although too hot for most)
Sikreto Ni Maria
Find out what makes the village swoon with delight
A sample of the traditional "sungka". A strategy game played by previous generations.
I remember playing this as a kid at home with my cousin. They do bring back memories..:)

Another beautiful paradise. This was our view while enjoying our lunch. Scenic and tranquility. You may have noticed the mesh frames in this photo. The Restaurant is protected with mesh so insects would not be able to penetrate inside the premises. 
A beautiful palette of colors
Imitating the traditional "Banggerahan" or airing cupboard as translated in English. 
This is where the previous generation Filipino's dried their dishes after washing.
Heading out...a green, refreshing sanctuary.
The individual rooms for two beneath the hidden paradise.
enjoying the afternoon breeze in one of the kubo's 
A sneak peek of the interiors of  the villa's 

Average meal for two: P600-P1,200 including dessert. Sights and experience: free and priceless!

How to get there: 

click here to see "how to get to Abe's Farm"

For more information: visit their official web page: 
Abe's Farm

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  1. Thanks Rhan! Punta tayo dito pagbalik nio :)

  2. i wonder where to go when i'm in pampanga, seeing this i think I know where to go. thanks for sharing.

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  3. Nice place! The moment I saw that "bamboo rice" I felt hungry and my saliva dribbled! Thanks for sharing this. I will share it as well to my OFW Community site.

  4. Thanks for these useful tips. I'll be visiting Abe's Frame with a friend next week and we are quite excited!

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    Be prepared though because the dish are so exotic you won’t find most of them in the usual Filipino household menu.


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