La Bella Teodoro: Italian Restaurant (Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar)

Just another feel-good afternoon, fresh from a historical morning tour at Las Casas. It was a bit of an exhausting tour, just because it was hot and humid plus my eyes wandered nonstop enjoying and savoring the views. Even after the tour ended, I was still so excited to be in Las Casas. 

There were two main restaurants offered in Las Casas: Spanish and Italian. Our taste buds craved to go Italian this trip, and so we chose La Bella Teodoro.
This was the rest of the restaurant, us being seated at the middle of this thoughtfully designed restaurant from ceiling to floor. Vintage items are also seen everywhere. My mind blasts away, so quaint this restaurant fits perfectly suits me!
Some bread to appetize me and my travel buddy, Cess. These lovely "pugon" baked bread can be taken alone or sprinkled with choices of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 

What we ordered : Quatro formaggi (pizza with four Italian Cheeses) while the other half is made of bits and pieces of heaven! Egg, mushroom, olives and some veggie goodness! haha yum!!
For refreshments, I ordered watermelon shake while Cess' choice was mango. They're super vibrant and colorful and the taste doesn't disappoint.
Another must-try is this simple but sumptuous Tortellini De Acuzar (stuffed with chicken, basil & bathed in tomato sauce). Simply mouthwatering and really something I look forward to once again eat when I come back to Las Casas.
Even the table setting was gloriously lavish. It really feels like I'm out of town when both setting and food are distinct. Not that I've not been to Italian dining establishments before or any other international cuisine, I really enjoy and feel the urge to commend the thought and effort pulled off to satisfy clients.

Check out my wonderful time travel at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.
 Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

Once again, thank you for dining with me. I'll be posting my grand day tour at Las Casas in a few days so please do stay tuned :)

Xoxo, Mel <3


  1. Looking at that vintage look pic... it seems that this resto is a mood setter. I like that feeling of dining in the 18th century.

    Hope to meet you on the road ;)

  2. Indeed it is. I'm looking forward to meet fellow bloggers too :)


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