Yakimix with DnK

Ready for some mouthwatering experience yet again? I know I am! I know, a lot have tried this before, but you gotta taste this the way we did. Give us a chance! It was my first time at Yakimix, and so did most of my friends! 

My office-mate turned good friend, Liezel used to recommend this place to me a long time ago, but I didn't have the chance to try it yet due to a lot of excuses! hahaha. So a few months ago, our friend, Gian endorsed Yakimix to us, he's always good with endorsing a lot of stuff, he makes it sound so good so it was given that we all agreed to give it a try :D

This is the place I consider a mini Asian food wanderlust, simply 'cause you can eat whatever you please, however you please and technically take in all you can eat. Buffets I experience always gives me good memories. (I promise not to post unpleasant food experiences.)

Usually, we start by having salads right? This was not the case that day. I ignored these as much as I could 'cause the food were calling me, "I'm here, right here, look at me, smell me, taste me, eat meeee!". My eyes were wandering endlessly, tongue watering, I was so excited to have my first bite!

These were the yummy choices for our fun grill experience. Yep, unlimited, just the way we want it! Meats, meats and, delightfully more meats!

Next, Japanese all the way! These amazing food sculptures are super cute. I wish I could carve as good as the artist did in this ensemble. Kudos to his/her passion for food! 

Hmmm, by the time I got to the sushi section, this was all that's left. These are refilled regularly though, so not to worry running out of your favorite sushi dish.

Here's more Asian delight! Everything from rice, vegetables, meats, chinese noodles, etc. 

To add more flavor, you can always grab some of these...

Your hosts for today, DnK representatives! haha! That's what we call our group. What does "DnK" stand for? that's for you to find out :) 

From left: yours truly, Romina, Gian, Che and Arnel
Che, Me and Mina sitting in front of our first round of our bountiful harvests. I'm wearing our goup's shirt "DnK" and a custom necklace from Sofisticada.  

This was my first take: Japchae noodles, crab sticks, sushi, sashimi, clams, kimchi, mushrooms, fried chicken, tempura and some veggies. A little bit of everything I wanted to try most. 

We came up with a much more brilliant strategy after our first plates, a more unselfish approach: grabbed single plates and piled in food for us to grill. Everything from seafood, mushroom and meats. skewed or not! 
Now grilling zxXzzZzzxxxssshhh

After a while I realized it was better to sprinkle on chili powder before and during grilling, not after. The taste was better, so we grabbed MORE! 

Whenever we felt stuffed, our way of pausing was having light conversations, gossiped a little, shared plans and future travel and buffet destinations. We refilled our "for sharing" plates about three to four times more, and nothing was put to waste my good readers :)

A good tip when availing buffet: roam around from time to time, check the food, you might be surprised to see what they'll serve after a while.  Yep2, that's deep fried crab with shells still on. This dish absolutely smitten us!

Jealous already? See this yummy treat I'm holding? :) I know you wouldn't want to miss this if you were granted an unlimited supply of food for lunch or dinner, this would surely be on your list! 

Sushi and Sashimi up next. Another tip, eat sushi at the latter part of your meal experience. Rice is heavy so it's better to digest all the meat and seafood first before trying some heavy stuff OR you can have little serving at the start of the meal, and continue on after tasting all the food you desire devouring. 

Another tip is to drink hot/warm water instead of cold to help hasten softening of what you just ate. 

Finally, we come to our last round of unlimited meats!! There's so much to be thankful for, really! Each mouthful I felt was a privilege, Thank you Lord!

If anyone in your group is celebrating his/her birthday, the friendly staff will sing the "happy birthday" song merrily for you, complete with their seasonal touch and maracas.

Ready for some more? Dessert it is then! Can you see clearly what you're missing if you've not tried Yakimix yet? Again, unlimited everything! Take your pick!

Ice cream, hooray for double dutch! Our favorites - kiwi and blueberry dessert! 

Dessert right beside the grill. We shared all these dessert, like a taste test. You taste it, send out your experience and pass along. A good way to bond and have fun.

This next batch of dessert is a hit with the kiddos. Make your own combination on ice or just take everything. Sweets, sour, chewy, soft or hard :)

While the previous batch was for the kids, this was for the more mature batch. Pinoy Halo-halo style - A genuine Pinoy summer dish. Right beside it are Chinese dishes, complete with dimsum, siomai etc. Sorry I missed taking a photo of them :/ 

Thank you for joining us! Surely, these faces are happy with our tummy's filled with delicious, unlimited circus of food! Thank you Lord for all the blessings! Good vibes guys! 

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