Romantic Garden Lunch at Sonya's Garden: TBS 3 of 7

Before anything else, I would suggest you come here on an empty stomach if you're planning to dine in this heaven of a place. It is not for the half-hungry tummies ladies and gents, but for people having-nothing-for-breakfast-this-morning types. You wouldn't want to waste dressings and garnish as much as possible in this lunch affair. Might I also warn you, you may want to bring your pills if not used to softer diets.

I was really excited to try everything served on the table 'cause I rarely get a chance to eat organic meals in Manila. It was mostly instant food for breakfast, "lutong bahay" for lunch, canned goods and fast food at night time, topped with a cold bottle of beer. Buhay nakikipagsapalaran sa ibayong lugar, over it! hehe :)

relaxed ambiance at Sonya's Garden
At Sonya's Garden your Php610.00 goes a long way. They serve a menu of organic dish from start to finish, oh..and some white meat too. For starters, make your own green salad with generous servings of nuts, fruits, cheese and some more greens.
Yummmy! This is one of the best lunch dates of my life. Too much? I thought so too. I'll have to apologize for the poor colors in the photos, it was hard to combat the green and bright skylights. Please savor the moments instead :D

Add a fresh whole wheat bread (from the panaderia) and sauces to compliment the already heavenly greens. I can do this everyday. But I'm back in my hometown now, so I guess special occasions will have to wait.

For the main course, white meat and pasta with two choices of sauces. I love that I get to choose my own dish. I could control the tastes and intensity of flavors. 

And of course, a meal wouldn't be complete without dessert. Definitely delish!

Say hello to Wade again. He's got lots of brothers and sisters hanging out everywhere. He stays in my bed nowadays, reading books with me before I doze off.
For a list of the food served above, check out Sonya's Garden Menu
Quaint corner for this venue. Perfect!
Now entering: the spa section. I wish we had more time to experience the spa treatment here at Sonya's. Apparently, we lack time 'cause we were following an itinerary my boyfriend made for that day. 

If everyone turned their backyard like this, welcoming and full of life, there'd be more happy faces everyday. Serenity starts at home the moment you wake up and before you go to sleep.
Fresh petals placed lovingly on different corners of the magical garden. Very refreshing indeed.

Pathways guided tourists and visitors to different locations of the site. Stone bricks were used in this garden surrounded by green vegetation.

Even doors are styled in a vintage Filipino tradition. 

TQT Trivia:
Capiz  Shells and stained glass is evident in old houses and heritage sites all over the Philippines. They are usually used as decorations for doors and windows, even as chandeliers or any decorative elements of the house. They let light pass through the door or window, therefore lessening energy consumption because there was no need to turn on lights during daytime.

ointments and scents sold at the spa shop

 Inside Favorite Finds shop at Sonya's. Everything's beautifully designed. Vintage feel with a classic twist! I love!

I hope you enjoyed my this one together with my previous posts for my Tagaytay series starting with Bag of Beans followed by my visit to Pink Sisters Monastery. This is the third installment and I promise things will get better and better as we go on. We'll feed our bodies and souls with gracious blessings in just one jam packed day.


  1. It's been sooo many years since I last visited Sonya's, and the price didn't change much. Good to hear that. And if I remember correctly, we were not served white meat and I'm glad to know that they do now. It shall please the meat-eaters in the family when we visit again... Someday.

    1. Yap2! I understand they were aiming for all-organic food then. I guess a lot of suggestions came in eventually :)


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